STEPMIND Licenses CEVA-Palm DSP Core for Cellular Handsets

San Jose, CA & Boulogne-Billancourt, France - February 18, 2004
- CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA, LSE: CVA), the leading licensor of Digital
Signal Processor (DSP) cores and communication solutions to the
semiconductor industry, and STEPMIND, a fabless solutions and components
supplier, today announced that STEPMIND has licensed the CEVA-Palm DSP
core to power their 2.5G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) wireless baseband solution.
STEPMIND's baseband processor is now available to customers and will be
showcased at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes.

STEPMIND's baseband processor chip delivers full Class 12 GSM/GPRS/EDGE
connectivity, which enables high-speed multi-media services (MMS)
including advanced speech and audio processing. The four-timeslot
processor maximizes reception and transmission capabilities to reach data
rates of up to 240 kbit/s, making the loading of MMS applications faster
and easier to use. The programmable open architecture of the CEVA-Palm DSP
ensures easy migration to new protocol standards and applications. When
combined with STEPMIND's GSM/GPRS/EDGE RF Transceiver, STEPMIND is
positioned to offer a complete reference design for EDGE based multimedia

STEPMIND's licensing of CEVA-Palm represents another success for CEVA's
leading DSP cores in the wireless communications sector. CEVA is the
number one licensor of DSP technology to the semiconductor industry.

"Our GSM/GPRS/EDGE baseband chip gives us a leading role in the EDGE
market. Harnessing the power of the CEVA-Palm DSP, our chip enables
handset manufacturers to integrate multimedia applications onto the
baseband," commented Alain Jolivet, Chairman and CEO of STEPMIND. "As
demand grows for next generation applications, STEPMIND and its solutions
are well positioned to capture an increased share of the market."

"The high performance CEVA-Palm DSP enables STEPMIND to be one of the
first in the market to offer combined EDGE and multimedia in a single
chip," said Gideon Wertheizer, EVP of CEVA. "STEPMIND is now clearly well
positioned to offer a full reference design for EDGE multimedia handsets
and are another important design win for CEVA DSP cores."

About CEVA-Palm DSP

CEVA-Palm DSP is a family of fixed-point Digital Signal Processor cores
whose members possess different data widths (16, 20, and 24 bits).
Designed for applications requiring high throughput and flexibility, they
are optimized for complex high-end telecommunications, wireless
communications (GSM, CDMA, TDMA, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, etc.), multimedia (AAC,
AC3, MPEG2, etc.), hi-fi audio implementations, consumer electronics,
low-power, and high-speed digital signal processing applications.

CEVA-Palm DSP Cores possess a dual MAC and several operation units
working in parallel. It is able to execute up to 18 operations per cycle
and cross MAC signal paths allow a wide range of non-FIR oriented
algorithms to be executed efficiently (e.g. Radix-2 Complex FFT Butterfly
in two cycles).

About Stepmind Founded in July 2000, STEPMIND is a fables solutions and
components supplier, developing applications which require high
performance and secured data links. STEPMIND develops and designs
integrated circuits in the filed of RF transceivers and baseband according
to the GSM/GPRS/EDGE, IEEE 802.11a,b,g and HiperLAN2 standards. This
expanding design house will also market complete solutions, including
software, for RF data link modules complying with IEEE 802.11a,b,g and
HiperLAN2 wireless standards.

About CEVA, Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., CEVA is the leading licensor of digital signal processor (DSP) cores, multimedia, GPS and storage platforms to the semiconductor industry. CEVA licenses a family of programmable DSP cores, associated SoC system platforms and a portfolio of application platforms including multimedia, audio, Voice over Packet (VoP), GPS location, Bluetooth, Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA (SATA). In 2005 CEVA's IP was shipped in over 115 million devices. CEVA was created through the merger of the DSP licensing division of DSP Group and Parthus Technologies. For more information, visit

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