Parthus Technologies Announces a Breakthrough in PLL IP Delivery, Putting Design of Custom Clock Synthesis Cores in the Hands of Digital Designers

Dublin, Ireland - April 23, 2002 - Parthus Technologies (Nasdaq:
PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading provider of semiconductor platform-level
intellectual property (IP), today announces the launch of a significant
new technology approach, PLLXpert Online, for the real-time design and
delivery of Clock Synthesis and PLL IP.

Clock Synthesizers, often referred to as Phase Lock Loops (PLLs) are a
core technology used in all digital and mixed signal integrated circuits
(ICs). Notwithstanding the increased importance of PLLs, they remain one
of the most challenging technology blocks to develop and continue to
impose considerable risk on the successful deployment of IC products.

To overcome the challenges PLLXpert™, an online PLL generation engine,
enables the design of risk-free, silicon-proven PLLs in minutes -
shortening the typical development time by months. Designers access the
PLLXpert engine over the web at Through PLLXpert's user
interface, the designer simply selects the target process, the reference
frequency and the output clocks. No prior training, in-depth PLL design
knowledge or additional EDA tools are required. Instant access via to
personalised datasheets, verilog models, and the necessary files for logic
synthesis and place and route, makes support for the design
straightforward. With these outputs, the designer can fully validate the
PLL or continue to refine and optimise the PLL to their evolving system
requirements. Only when the designer is fully satisfied with the PLL
design do they need to pay for delivery of the IP (GDSII file), which
again is achieved directly by the user through

"PLLs become increasingly important as embedded microprocessor clock
frequencies rise and need to be matched to operating frequencies of other
on-chip cores and to external memory. Using its intellectual property,
Parthus delivers a web-based environment that, with the right kind of
support, will help designers of PLLs for systems-on-chip," said Max Baron,
Principal Analyst with Cahners-In-Stat.

The successful delivery of low risk, high performance PLLs draws on the
expertise of a team in Parthus of guru specialists with many years of
experience. In addition to PLLXpert enabling unrivalled time-to-market
advantage, the PLLs generated have industry leading jitter performance.
For example a 650MHz PLL targeted at a standard 0.18um foundry process
will have a typical jitter sigma of less than 5ps.

"Parthus Clock Synthesis IP Cores (PLL's) have been integrated into a
number of our high performance Serial Communication ICs which are
currently in production" said Dave Handorff of the Interface Division of
National Semiconductor. He went on to say "These devices place extremely
demanding requirements on the specification of the PLL IP Core. The
Parthus IP has been designed specifically for low jitter and offers the
performance that is required for error free data transmission and
reception over coaxial cable. In selecting our IP providers we place a
high emphasis on those suppliers who can demonstrate a track record of
delivering silicon proven IP. Parthus record in this regard has again been
demonstrated in a number of devices fabricated across two technology
generations which are now successfully in production and shipping in

"PLLXpert Online allows the design engineer to generate
state-of-the-art PLL IP Cores in minutes," said Kieran Flynn, PLLXpert
Business Manager at Parthus. "With our breakthrough PLLXpert, the designer
never has to wait for a PLL to be designed and delivered. Once online,
they specify and receive the design as required. That flexibility combined
with industry leading jitter performance makes PLLXpert Online a leap
forward in IP delivery."

PLLXpert Online is being launched with support for a number of Merchant
Foundry and Proprietary Processes:

Foundry processes: PLLs targeted at the TSMC 0.18um and UMC
0.18um processes are currently available online. Further PLL IP Cores
targeted at the TSMC 0.13um and TSMC 0.25um will be available online soon.
Prior to launch, each new process is verified using a standard test chip
containing multiple PLL instantiations, which are designed to exercise the
extremes of the design range.

Additional Process Options: PLLXpert is highly flexible and can
be ported to a Semiconductor company's own process, enabling both in-house
designers and customers to benefit from the risk free, fast time to market
offered by PLLXpert Online. Designers using these processes log on to a
private users area and design their PLLs on the pre-verified processes.

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