Ceva Launches New Brand Identity Reflecting its Focus on Smart Edge IP Innovation

Company sharpens its strategy of delivering silicon and software IP that makes it possible for low power Edge AI devices to connect, sense and infer data, reliably and efficiently, across multiple high-growth end markets

ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceva, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), today introduced a fresh new brand visual identity, logo design and web domain "ceva-ip.com," reflecting the company's commitment to being the partner of choice for transformative IP solutions that power the smart edge. Ceva is the leader in silicon and software IP that enable smart edge devices to connect, sense and infer data more reliably and efficiently.

The company continues to sharpen its focus on delivering an innovative IP portfolio that helps its customers to quickly develop highly-integrated, cost-efficient, low power Edge AI devices that improve the user experience through robust connectivity and the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and sensing technologies. Ceva's smart edge IP portfolio has become a key driver of growth in recent years, expanding the company's penetration into high growth markets such as the consumer IoT, automotive, infrastructure, and industrial markets. In parallel, Ceva continues to serve the mobile and PC markets, where it maintains its presence and customer base.

Thanks to advances in highly efficient processing, sensing and connectivity, the number of electronic devices that collect and process data at the edge of the network has grown exponentially. Many of these devices such as smartphones, wearables, home automation and entertainment systems, cellular base stations, vehicles, industrial robots, and drones include multiple sensors, and all of them require reliable connectivity to communicate with the cloud and other smart edge devices. According to ABI research, wirelessly-connected device shipments will grow at a CAGR of 8% from 2023-2028, exceeding 35 billion devices annually by 2028, with more than 6.5 billion of these incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that allow the device to infer information from the data being generated. Ceva is well positioned for further growth in this evolving sector, possessing the industry's most comprehensive wireless communications (5G-Advanced, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UWB and Zigbee), advanced audio, voice and sensing software, and scalable edge AI IP portfolio for integrating connectivity, sensing, and inference capabilities.

To reflect the company's vision of a smarter, safer, and more interconnected Ceva-powered future, the company has refreshed its logo, visual identity and web domain. The Ceva URL is now ceva-ip.com,  illustrative of the company's focus on providing a broad IP portfolio for smart edge devices and the leadership position it has built in the markets it serves.

Amir Panush, CEO of Ceva, elaborated: "The convergence of localized, on-device intelligence and ubiquitous connectivity is changing the landscape of almost every market we serve. Since the beginning of the year, we have been refining the company strategy, strengthening key parts of our product portfolio, and optimizing R&D efforts to focus on high-growth opportunities that leverage our strengths. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge and distinctive technologies that enable our customers to address their most complex requirements in creating low-power, connected, AI-enabled devices that seamlessly interpret and enhance how we work, play, learn, protect, and care for each other. Our proven capabilities in inference processing and multi-modal sensing, combined with unrivalled industry leadership in wireless communications IP places us in an ideal position to expand our penetration and capitalize on this substantial market opportunity."

About Ceva, Inc.
At Ceva, we are passionate about bringing new levels of innovation to the smart edge. Our wireless communications, sensing and Edge AI technologies are at the heart of some of today's most advanced smart edge products. From Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, UWB and 5G platform IP for ubiquitous, robust communications, to scalable Edge AI NPU IPs, sensor fusion processors and embedded application software that make devices smarter, we have the broadest portfolio of IP to connect, sense and infer data more reliably and efficiently. We deliver differentiated solutions that combine outstanding performance at ultra-low power within a very small silicon footprint. Our goal is simple – to deliver the silicon and software IP to enable a smarter, safer, and more interconnected world. This philosophy is in practice today, with Ceva powering more than 17 billion of the world's most innovative smart edge products from AI-infused smartwatches, IoT devices and wearables to autonomous vehicles and 5G mobile networks.

Our headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland with a global customer base supported by operations worldwide. Our employees are among the leading experts in their areas of specialty, consistently solving the most complex design challenges, enabling our customers to bring innovative smart edge products to market.

Ceva: Powering the Smart Edge™

Visit us at www.ceva-ip.com and follow us on LinkedIn, X, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Forward Looking Statements
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