Parthus (formerly SSL) Launches System-Level Bluetooth™ IP for Portable Internet Appliances

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 7, 1999 - Parthus (Formerly SSL), a
leading developer of platform-level intellectual property (IP) for
next-generation Mobile-Internet and Mobile Multimedia appliances, today
announced that it has launched a complete suite of system-level IP for
Bluetooth, the new Wireless LAN industry standard. Providing both
silicon and software IP for Bluetooth adopters, Parthus' powerful
and cost-efficient architecture enables rapid market entry of
Bluetooth enabled portable devices such as PDAs and

Bluetooth IP from Parthus will be demonstrated at the
Bluetooth Developers Conference 99 in Los Angeles from December
7-9, 1999, Booth number 11.

"Our Bluetooth architecture provides a flexible integration
route for system OEMs and merchant semiconductor companies to implement
this new wireless standard," said Brian Long, president of Parthus. "By
working with industry leaders such as Ericsson and Nokia, Parthus is
delivering a complete Bluetooth ‘IP kit’ that includes silicon and
software system-level IP, to ensure rapid product introduction, securing
market share and early investment returns for Bluetooth

Enabling seamless voice and data transmission via wireless, short-range
radio, the Bluetooth wireless technology will allow users to
connect to a wide variety of devices easily and quickly, without the need
for cables. This will expand the communications capabilities of portable
computers, mobile phones and other devices, both in and out of the

Complete Antenna-to-Host Interface Solutions

Parthus has a variety of reference Radio IC designs targeted to both
BiCMOS (including SiGe) and CMOS processes. Parthus also provides
RF-to-DSP interface and lower link controller (LLC) modules in RTL for
integration in stand-alone Bluetooth devices or for embedding in
"Bluetooth enabled" system-on-chips (SOCs). Parthus' approach
allows optimization for specific Radio/RISC combinations and
Bluetooth feature sets

The Parthus Software Protocol Stack has been written in ANSI C using
object oriented techniques and has been architected to be modular and
easily extended. The software supports both L2CAP variants with L2CAP
residing on a host above the HCI or below the HCI in an embedded SOC

According to Gerry McGuire, general manager for Parthus' Wireless
Business Unit, "Providing a choice of interfaces to the radio and protocol
engine RISC, and using a modular and portable software approach, enables
Bluetooth adopters to tailor their implementations to meet unique
cost and performance requirements."

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group

The Bluetooth initiative was devised by industry leaders
Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba who jointly formed the
Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to revolutionize wireless
connectivity for personal and business mobile devices. Recently, the

SIG welcomed new members Lucent, Motorola, 3COM and software industry
giant Microsoft as promoters. Since September 1998, Parthus has devoted a
team of hardware and software designers to prepare a Bluetooth
compliant solution.

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