RivieraWaves licensed Bluetooth low energy IP to Renesas Electronics.

Las Vegas, USA – January 6th, 2011 – RivieraWaves unveiled today that they have licensed Bluetooth low energy IP to Renesas Electronics a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, for its new Bluetooth low energy integrated products. 

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Renesas Electronics for the licensing of  Bluetooth Low Energy base band and software IP”, said Ange Aznar, President and CEO of RivieraWaves. “The remarkable characteristics of the IP, e.g., small silicon foot-print, low 
energy consumption and unmatched IP Quality, will enable Renesas Electronics to provide a highly competitive solution on the market in a very short time”. 

The RivieraWaves Bluetooth low energy IP is flexible, easy to integrate in SoCs and accommodates the requirements of low power products, running on a coin cell battery or energy harvesting system, such as in sport & fitness wireless sensors, medical wireless sensors, watches, remote controllers, home or building control & automation systems, etc… 

With its unique wireless IP offering, RivieraWaves is the only “one stop shop” company  providing complete solutions for WLAN and BT, Bluetooth low energy (aka Bluetooth 4.0) and Bluetooth high speed (aka Bluetooth 3.0+HS). The IP offering, composed of hardware, 
software and analog/RF components, suits all integration needs for stand-alone chips, integration into combo chips or application/baseband processors. 

About RivieraWaves 

Thanks to its unique and proven portfolio of Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® Intellectual Property (IP), complemented by best of breed Design Services, RivieraWaves is a leading player in the wireless semiconductor field. Its highly skilled team makes RivieraWaves the ideal partner for companies planning to deliver wireless IC solutions for the mobile, medical, sports & fitness, watch, entertainment, industrial markets and other wireless sensor based applications. 

RivieraWaves provides semiconductor companies with hardware, software and radio IPs for ASIC integration. RivieraWaves also provides differentiated software solutions and application development that increase the value of customer’s end products. For more information, please visit us at http://www.rivierawaves.com