Parthus Technologies considers follow-on offering

Dublin, Ireland - Monday, October 23rd, 2000 - Parthus Technologies plc
(Nasdaq: PRTH; LSE: PRH) today announced that it is considering a
follow-on offering of approximately $200 million, comprised principally of
secondary shares to be sold by financial investors and by management
selling a small proportion of their shares. The purpose of the offering is
to enhance liquidity in Parthus shares on both the London Stock Exchange
and NASDAQ as well as allow for the orderly sale of shares by existing
shareholders, all of whom remain fully committed to Parthus. In addition,
each of the selling shareholders has agreed to a further 180-day lock-up
after the offering. The Company also expects to raise a small amount of
new equity in order to finance its accelerated growth plans and global
expansion. While it is expected that the offering could take place later
in this quarter, the exact timing and size of any offering would be
subject to market conditions.

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