The Ceva trademarks, service marks, logos, and brands (referred to here as “Ceva Marks”) are proprietary and valuable to Ceva. The Ceva Marks must be used appropriately and only if specifically authorized by Ceva in writing. The following trademark usage guidelines apply to all Ceva Marks and apply to all Ceva employees, customers, licensees, consultants, outside vendors, and any other permitted third parties.


  1. When writing about or using the applicable Ceva Marks (and/or the related Ceva technology), place the proper symbol (e.g., ® or ™, as applicable) by the Ceva Marks.
  • In a document, place the “™” or “®” symbol, as may be applicable, directly after the first prominent use (e.g., in a title, headline, tagline, paragraph heading, etc.) of the Ceva Marks and directly after its first use in the text or body copy.
  • Refer to the current listing of Ceva Marks .
  1. The Ceva Marks must always be used as adjectives followed by a generic noun.
  2. Specify that the Ceva Mark (and the related Ceva technology) is owned by Ceva Inc.
  3. Always use the complete and proper spelling of the Ceva Marks.
  4. Do not include or attach Ceva Marks with third party names, marks or logos.
  5. No documentation, or any material shall state or imply that the Ceva Marks or any associated technology are warranted or otherwise sponsored or endorsed by Ceva.
  6. Do not, and ensure that your subsidiaries and affiliates will not, adopt or attempt to register in any country the Ceva Marks or any name or mark substantially similar thereto.
  7. Ceva may amend these guidelines as necessary, at its own discretion.

Ceva’s Trademarks:

  • Ceva®
  • RivieraWaves®
  • Ceva®-Waves™
  • Ceva®-Waves™ Links™
  • Ceva®-Waves™ Dragonfly™
  • Ceva®-PentaG™
  • Ceva®-XC™
  • Ceva®-XM™
  • Ceva®-X™
  • Ceva®-BX™
  • Ceva®-NeuPro™
  • Ceva®-SensPro™
  • Ceva®-MotionEngine™
  • Ceva®-RealSpace®
  • Ceva®-ClearVox™
  • Ceva®-WhisPro™
  • Ceva®-TeakLite®
  • Ceva®-Toolbox™