Parthus (formerly SSL) Acquire World Leading Global Positioning System (GPS) from Symmertricom Parthus' Leading Position in mCommerce Strengthened

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 3, 2000 - Parthus (formerly SSL), a
leading developer of platform-level intellectual property (IP) for
next-generation Mobile-Internet and Mobile Multimedia appliances, today
announced the acquisition of the Global Positioning System (GPS) division
from Symmetricom, Inc. (NASDAQ:SYMM), the leading supplier of network
synchronization and timing solutions for the global telecommunications

Parthus' newly acquired Symmetricom GPS technology utilizes information
from satellites and a wireless network to instantaneously pinpoint any
mobile device to within 5-20 meters in a wide range of calling
environments. A recent FCC mandate dictates that by October 1, 2001, all
cellular carriers and network providers in the US should be equipped with
technology enabling callers to emergency 911 services to be located in
real time within a 100m radius. GPS is the only technology today that
allows such detailed and consistently accurate positioning.

Combining Symmetricom's 150 man years experience in GPS navigation,
location and telecommunications technology with Parthus' IP platforms,
accelerates the introduction of a myriad of such solutions which can also
be included in smart phones, PDA's and pagers that can provide customized
location-specific services directly to the wireless user.

"Parthus' focus is to provide an unrivalled portfolio of Intellectual
Property (IP) for next generation Mobile-Internet appliances," said Brian
Long, CEO and founder of Parthus. "Location based services, that this
technology enables, are seen as killer applications for the rapidly
emerging mCommerce market such as real time maps, pinpointing nearest
restaurants or banks, and locating people, greatly adds to our portfolio
of Bluetooth, 3G, MP3 and PDA platforms."

The Symmetricom Inc GPS division has an unrivalled skill set of
engineers and designers, many of whom are involved in R&D, producing 7
generations of GPS products, 4 core patents and 6 core applications.

Examples of consumer services that GPS can deliver include being able
to locate a child at all times or to locate someone's position in a high
rise building at the other side of the world to deliver an important

Other services include a variety of mobile e-Commerce applications and
personalized location services like real-time driving directions and route
guidance; personalized concierge services that give local information
assistance and guidance to points of interest or convenience, such as
restaurants or ATMs; real-time traffic information; enhanced roadside

The technology is air interference independent, functions to any
wireless standard and operates inside houses, moving vehicles, under heavy
foliage and in dense city locations across the globe. The solution will
provide the most cost and power effective, high sensitivity implementation
for Mobile-Internet.

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