CEVA-TeakLite DSP License Extended By STMicroelectronics For Next Generation DSL Central Office Chipsets

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 14, 2005 - CEVA, Inc. (Nasdaq: CEVA,
LSE: CVA) the leading licensor of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) cores
and communications solutions to the semiconductor industry, today
announced that ST has extended the license of the CEVA-TeakLite® DSP for
use in its next generation of DSL Central Office (CO) chipset

The dynamic growth in both home and business Internet usage is being
driven by the advent of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. At
speeds topping out at 100 Mbps, the range of applications for DSL is
enormous - everything from simple data transfer to distributing high
definition television. ST has established itself as the world's number one
DSL chipset provider and has been adopted by leading equipment
manufacturers across the client equipment, central office and router
market segments. CEVA's TeakLite® DSP core already powers ST's CopperWing8
ADSL and CopperWing12 ADSL2+ CO chipsets.

"The very small footprint and high performance of the CEVA-TeakLite®
DSP made it the optimum choice for DSL applications where lowest-cost per
channel is key," said Jean Beka, DSL Business Director at
STMicroelectronics. "Our previous experiences with CEVA drove the decision
to adopt the core for our next DSL CO chipsets."

"We are pleased to extend our partnership with STMicroelectronics, the
number one semiconductor supplier of DSL solutions. DSL is one of the
fastest growing applications in the communications industry and this
licensing agreement further reinforces CEVA's leadership as a DSP
provider," said Chet Silvestri, Chairman and CEO of CEVA.

About CEVA-TeakLite®

CEVA-TeakLite®, is a 16-bit fixed-point, general-purpose DSP core
designed for low power, low voltage and high-speed digital processing
applications. The core is designed as a solution for modems, advanced
telecommunication systems, speech and audio processing, wireless
communication, disk-drive controllers and embedded control applications.
The fully synthesizable, process-independent CEVA-TeakLite® is easily
portable to any Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) library.
The core can be used as an engine for DSP-based-ASICs and ASSPs, and is
available as a DSP core in a standard-cell library applicable for custom
chip design.

About CEVA, Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., CEVA is the leading licensor of digital signal processor (DSP) cores, multimedia, GPS and storage platforms to the semiconductor industry. CEVA licenses a family of programmable DSP cores, associated SoC system platforms and a portfolio of application platforms including multimedia, audio, Voice over Packet (VoP), GPS location, Bluetooth, Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA (SATA). In 2005 CEVA's IP was shipped in over 115 million devices. CEVA was created through the merger of the DSP licensing division of DSP Group and Parthus Technologies. For more information, visit ceva-dsp.com.

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