Parthus Technologies named in Red Herring Magazine's Top 100

San Jose, Calif. - May 17, 2000 - Parthus Technologies, a
provider of semiconductor platform-level IP (intellectual property) for
next-generation mobile-Internet devices, has been included in the Red
Herring Top 100, the magazine's annual list of the top private and public
technology companies worldwide.

Featured in the June 2000 Digital Universe issue, the Red Herring 100
honors companies that have defined new standards and forged the most
influential new business models, developing products and services that
will change the way business gets done.

"Next-generation mobile-Internet devices enable consumers with anytime,
anywhere Internet access. The mobile-Internet heralds a whole new array of
exciting m-Commerce services," said Brian Long, co-founder and CEO of
Parthus Technologies. "Recognition by Red Herring of Parthus Technologies'
commitment and innovation in designing the semiconductor platforms to
power these next-generation mobile-Internet devices is an honor we hold in
the highest regard.

" To select the Top 100, Red Herring used six criteria: strategy,
execution, products and services, brand, finances, and competition. The
first five were reviewed in abbreviated form in relation to the company's
competitors, to be certain the company is a leader in its market.

Parthus (formerly SSL), headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a leading
supplier of platform-level intellectual property (IP) for mobile-internet
and mobile-multimedia appliances. In these markets Parthus supplies a
roadmap of platform-level IP (silicon and software) for Bluetooth™,
Smartphones, WCDMA, GPS and MP3. Parthus employs more than 250 product
development specialists in RF IC, DSP, Mixed Signal IC, Digital ASIC and
Software development.

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