Parthus Recognized as World's Fastest Growing Semiconductor Intellectual Property Company

Dublin, Ireland - June 14, 2001 - Parthus Technologies plc
(Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading developer of platform-level
intellectual property (IP), announced today that it has been officially
recognized as the world's fastest growing of the top 10 semiconductor IP
companies, growing seven times faster than the industry average. The
research, published by Gartner Dataquest found that Parthus' IP revenue
grew by 265% last year, increasing its share of the overall IP market
three-fold. This growth makes Parthus the third-largest provider of IP to
the communications sector, a jump of seven places over 1999.

The findings place Parthus among the top 10 IP companies that between
them control over 66% of the SIP market. Overall, the SIP market continues
to significantly outperform the general semiconductor market, growing 40%
in 2000. The survey confirms earlier research from Gartner Dataquest that
identified the platform-level segment of the intellectual property market
as the most exciting, high-growth areas of the industry. The earlier
research also positioned Parthus as an IP company capable of delivering
complex, application-level, solutions to the semiconductor industry.

Of note, the Gartner Dataquest survey found:

The SIP market continues to grow at a rate well above the
overall semiconductor industry. SIP revenue in 2000 reached $690
million, up 40% from $492 million in 1999. This growth is forecast to
continue as OEMs and semiconductor companies increasingly look to
in-source proven IP technology to reduce costs and speed time-to-market

Of the top IP industry players, Parthus was the fastest
growing (IP revenues up 264% on 1999 levels, compared to the industry
average of 40%)

Parthus is the
market leader in Bluetooth IP

Parthus is
market leader in MPEG IP

Parthus is the
number three, and the fastest growing, supplier of communications IP (up
seven positions). Communications IP is the largest segment of the
overall IP (47%) market and is the fastest growing - 67% in 2000

Parthus is the second-largest supplier of programmable DSP IP

"We are delighted with the findings of the Gartner Dataquest report
which clearly validates our position in the IP industry," said Kevin
Fielding, president of Parthus. "Parthus' focus on the platform-level
segment of the IP market is a natural evolution of our roots designing
complex applications for the world's leading semiconductor companies. We
believe that our current IP portfolio, coupled with our unique convergence
roadmap, position us well to improve our market share in the years to

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