Parthus Unveils Range of Innovative Bluetooth™ Applications Demonstrating Unique Convergence of Multiple Parthus Mobile Internet Platforms

Monte Carlo, France - June 6, 2001 - Parthus Technologies plc
(Nasdaq: PRTH; LSE: PRH), a leading developer of platform-level
intellectual property (IP), illustrated the enabling power of the
Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity standard today at the Bluetooth Congress
by unveiling a series of industry-first applications powered by the
convergence of several Parthus mobile Internet platforms.

Parthus unveiled its convergence roadmap to a wide audience at the
largest Bluetooth show in the world by showcasing three demonstrations
that offer a fascinating glimpse of the future of the mobile Internet. The
demonstrations showcased at the conference include:

The industry's first combined Bluetooth and GPS solution using
the Local Positioning Message Profile (LPMP). The LPMP is a draft
protocol published by the Bluetooth Local Positioning Working Group, a
SIG-sponsored group that includes the world's leading wireless
companies, including Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Parthus.

One of the industry's higest performance piconet solution
demonstrating multiple PCs in a Bluetooth piconet.

A mobile acceleration/Bluetooth vision of the future,
showcasing Parthus' ultra-advanced mobile acceleration technology,

"The mobile Internet will be driven by a range converging
applications," said Allen Nogee, senior analyst at Cahners In-Stat.
"Bluetooth is rapidly becoming an enabling technology for other mobile
Internet applications, including GPS and digital audio. By combining
platforms on a single chip or sometimes even zero chip solution, Parthus
is driving the mass adoption of mobile Internet devices by allowing them
to be made small and affordable, and most importantly easy to deploy."

Industry's first live mapping Bluetooth and GPS location

Showcased at the event is the industry's first live mapping application
using the draft Local Positioning Message Profile (LPMP) combined with
Parthus' BlueStream and NavStream GPS platforms. The demonstration
combines the Bluetooth and GPS controller, the host stack and the LP
Profile in one device. This is then combined with mapping toolkit
technology from Toronto-based mBiztech*. The mBiztech technology takes the
location information from Parthus' NavStream GPS provided via Bluetooth
and translates this into dynamic mapping images optimized for mobile

High performance Bluetooth piconets

Also at the show, Parthus is demonstrating multiple PCs connected via a
Bluetooth piconet that enables a user to share files, work on documents
simultaneously and even stream video from device to device. This
demonstrates not only a working piconet with Parthus IP, but also industry
interoperability as it combines Parthus baseband IP with the RF chipsets
of other Bluetooth vendors. Most importantly, this demonstrates the
potential of Bluetooth to seamlessly support existing applications in
typical home and office environments.

MachStream mobile acceleration for improved piconet
peer-to-peer gaming

Parthus is demonstrating its MachStream application acceleration
platform that delivers a ten-fold improvement in performance of key
applications (Java, multimedia, mark-up browser languages) while consuming
95 percent less battery power. MachStream's patented acceleration
technology is architected to integrate with BlueStream, thus opening up
many application opportunities, including the explosive gaming market.
Users would be able to wirelessly swap and download Java-based games, as
well as play local multi-player games from mobile devices.

"Bluetooth is continuing to gain traction worldwide as the standard for
wireless communication," said Gerry Maguire, vice president of the
Wireless Business Unit at Parthus. "The demonstrations we have highlighted
at the conference are just a glimpse of the potential of this exciting
technology. From a Parthus perspective, we believe the strength of our
vision lies in our unique ability to deliver all of the platforms that
enable our customers to deploy differentiated Bluetooth-based applications
that will drive the adoption of next generation mobile Internet devices."

The Parthus BlueStream platform is a complete Bluetooth platform,
including radio, baseband and software protocol stacks targeted at the
mobile phone, home and office computing, and mobile device market. It has
been licensed to five of the top 10 wireless semiconductor companies and
announced licensee include 3Com, Agilent, Hitachi, Prairiecomm and

About the Parthus mobile Internet platforms showcased at
Bluetooth Congress

is one of the industry's most comprehensive and advanced Bluetooth
offerings containing all the required technology that allows Parthus'
customers to rapidly deploy Bluetooth connectivity into their product

is a complete GPS platform encompassing radio, baseband and software
stacks targeted at mobile phone and automotive markets. NavStream is one
of the world's first platforms to deliver sub five-meter location accuracy
to mobile devices enabling location-based m-Commerce services to be
provided by network operators

is the industry's most advanced mobile acceleration technology. By using
highly-patented silicon technology, MachStream improves the performance
and dramatically reduces the power consumption of a range of mobile
Internet applications, including Java, mobile multimedia, digital imaging
and browser/scripting languages

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