Parthus Announces the Launch and Licensing of its Latest Bluetooth™ Offering - BlueStream™ Release 6

San Francisco, - December 11, 2001 - Parthus Technologies
(Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), the world's leading provider of platform-level
intellectual property for the mobile Internet, today announced the
availability and licensing of BlueStream Release 6 (R6), Parthus' latest
version of its industry leading Bluetooth platform. BlueStream R6
incorporates many key upgrades and enhancements that deliver greater
Bluetooth functionality, reduced time-to-certification, rapid
time-to-market and lower cost of deployment.

The most recent Bluetooth research report (Dec 5, 2001 from technology
research firm Cahners-in-Stat), noted that 2001 will see Bluetooth chipset
shipments on track to meet a previous 2001 forecast of 13 million units,
more than double the shipments of the 802.11b standard in the same year.
Early implementations are in the mobile phone, notebook PC, and adapter
space. Taking into account the economic slump, Cahners forecast Bluetooth
chipset shipments will still rise sharply to 780 million units in 2005
making Bluetooth one of the worlds fastest growing technology markets.

Parthus Technologies plc is the leading supplier (Gartner-Dataquest
2000 survey) of Bluetooth intellectual property to the industry. Announced
licensees of the BlueStream platform include 3Com, Agilent Technologies,
Aralion, Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi, PrairieComm and STMicroelectronics.
BlueStream Release 6 has been successfully licensed, and is currently
being deployed by a number of additional Parthus customers.

Gerry Maguire, vice president and general manager of the Wireless
Solution Division at Parthus Technologies, said: "Parthus' platform
level-IP approach hits the exact requirements of our semiconductor
partners in this current climate; the ability to target high growth
markets with a winning technical solution at far reduced cost and
time-to-market. The BlueStream Release 6 platform significantly improves
the ability of our licensees to generate revenue quickly and further
extends Parthus' market and technical leadership in the Bluetooth market."

BlueStream Release 6 contains all the requisite technology (RF,
Baseband, SW & reference designs) for OEMs, ASIC vendors and
semiconductor companies to rapidly integrate Bluetooth into their product
offerings. Key features and advantages of BlueStream R6 include:

Full v1.1 Compliance with Additional Features

BlueStream implements all mandatory and optional features
required of Bluetooth Specification version 1.1.

Feature set extended to include Sniff, Park, Hold,
Master-Slave switch and Scatternet support.

The protocol stack, available either in embedded and HCI
separated configurations, includes the following components; Bluetooth
profiles, TCS, OBEX, SDP; host RFCOMM and L2CAP layers, the RS-232 like
serial interface, data multiplexing and conversion functions from
higher; link manager layer.

Supports Industry standard BlueRF interfaces and many other
leading radio products.

Continuous participation in 'unplugfests' since 1999 ensures
BlueStream interoperability.

Full Bluetooth 'Profile' Support

BlueStream R6 supports the full range of Bluetooth 'profiles' allowing
licensees to target their Bluetooth ICs at particular Bluetooth
application markets. BlueStream R6 supports generic access, service
discovery application, cordless telephony, intercom, headset, serial
(including dial up networking, fax and LAN access), and object exchange
profiles (OBEX, and file transfer). In addition, Parthus is actively
involved in defining and implementing new profiles with the Bluetooth SIG.

Reduced Cost of Deployment. Reduced Time-to-Market

BlueStream R6 has been specifically engineered to enable 'plug
and play' IP integration. This enables rapid tapeout of Bluetooth
systems solutions (licensees can tapeout chips in as little as 12 weeks
from product initiation).

BlueStream R6 is v1.1 qualified and certified IP by the
Bluetooth Sig. When deployed by a licensee, they are guaranteed a right
first time, pre-qualified IC solution, significantly reducing both
deployment costs and time-to-market.

Underpinning BlueStream are full test and verification suites.
R6 extends this capability by offering fully automated test facilities
from unit test to sub-system test to full system test facilities to test
both the Combined, Stack and the Host Controller Stack using PC based
test equipment. All PTW60 and CMU200 (Rohde & Schwarz) tests are
supported. In all, over 800 regression tests underpin the BlueStream R6

BlueStream licensees are regularly updated with any Bluetooth
standard changes thereby reducing ongoing cost of support

True Flexibility In OS, Processor, RF Choice And Foundry

BlueStream R6 is ported and supports six different Operating
systems (Linux, MS Windows, eCOS, Nucleus and other customer specific
OSs) and different tool development chains (compilers and linkers).

BlueStream R6 is processor agnostic. Licensees have
implemented solutions with different processors such as ARM 7, ARM 9, SH
and others.

The BlueStream Radio Interface can support a large number of
radios (SiWave, BlueRF Mode 2/3 and three additional customer specific
solutions), enabling the lowest system cost solution to be achieved as
it allows flexibility in choice of RF supplier.

Low Cost, Low Power Architecture

BlueStream R6 incorporates multiple features to reduce system
cost and power consumption including support for a single clock source,
multiple low power features and low memory size (configurations
available with less than 64k ROM and 9k RAM).


About Bluetooth

Bluetooth is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for wireless
communication between a range of personal electronic devices such as
mobile phones, handheld devices, PC peripherals, automotive, home and
industrial appliances. By eliminating the need for cables between
inter-connecting devices, individuals can share voice and data using
broadband and secure local wireless connections. By 2005, Cahners In-Stat
forecasts that Bluetooth technology will be used in almost 780 million
devices, ranging from mobile phones and desktop computers to digital
cameras and automobiles.


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