DSP-enabled Bluetooth Audio IP Platform for TWS Earbuds and Wearables

BluebudTM is a self-contained, feature-rich Bluetooth audio IP platform to streamline the development of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and other advanced wireless audio devices including headsets, speakers, smartwatches and smart glasses. It is a unique, pre-integrated hardware and software solution built around the popular and proven RivieraWaves™ Bluetooth IP and CEVA-BX1 audio processor, together with all the required peripherals for wireless audio, in a compact low power design. Bluebud offers a simplified design architecture by using a single CEVA-BX1 processor with advanced DSP and control capabilities, that is far easier to embed into an SoC compared to alternative architectures using multiple (2-4) heterogeneous processing cores, which results is smaller die size and lower power consumption..

The software framework running on the CEVA-BX1 includes the CEVA Bluetooth protocol stack, supporting both Classic Audio and LE Audio (with Auracast support), a comprehensive list of audio CODECs including SBC, mSBC, AAC, MP3 and LC3 to name a few, all integrated in an RTOS with a reference application and exposing an extensive API that enables customer differentiation.

The platform adopts an ideal balance of hardware and software to address the deeply embedded challenges of true wireless stereo (TWS) scenarios, providing minimum jitter/latency between left and right earbuds, for both voice calls and music streaming. The low latency between RF and audio output ensures seamless audio/video sync and makes Bluebud suitable for videos and gaming. The low power consumption makes Bluebud not only ideal for TWS earbuds and wearables, but also for hearing aid devices.

The Bluebud Bluetooth audio platform can be enhanced with the pre-configured Bluebud-HD software package which includes:

  • CEVA’s ClearVox enhanced to support up to 48KHz sampling rate, for super wideband voice conversations
  • CEVA’s RealSpace software for an immersive 3D audio experience / spatial audio and head tracking solution
  • CEVA’s MotionEngine Hear software for accurate head tracking, in-ear detection, and tap control
  • Personalized hearing tuning for adaptation to each listener’s hearing
  • WhisPro for voice trigger, commands and biometrics
  • LHDC high definition audio codec
  • 96KHz/24-bit audio processing, enabling many high-resolution audio standards
  • Bluebud-HD SDK

The Bluebud-HD software package and other plugins are integrated via CEVA’s audio framework, which allows the customer to virtualize DSP applications from the host CPU without directly programming the DSP, thus focusing on application development and simplifying design effort.


The Bluebud turnkey hardware and software IP platform streamlines the development of complex SoC for TWS earbuds and other wireless audio devices

Fast time to market complete HW/SW solution for TWS earbuds
Tight left/right earbuds sync with extremely low jitter
Extensible with add-on software plugins by CEVA, partners, and customers

Main Features

  • Supporting Bluetooth 5.3 with both Classic Audio and LE Audio
  • Classic Audio support
    • HFP profile for voice call, including CVSD and mSBC codecv
    • A2DP profile for music streaming, including SBC, AAC and MP3 codec
  • LE Audio support
    • Audio profiles for voice call and music streaming, including LC3 codec
    • Auracast broadcast audio
  • Robust true wireless stereo connectivity for both voice calls and music streaming
  • Seamless bud-to-bud role-switching
  • Easy and fast pairing
  • Multi-source
  • Bluebud-HD pre-configured software package for premium audio, voice, and contextual-awareness experience

Block Diagram

Bluebud customer application / Extensions

CEVA True Wireless Earbuds

CEVA provides embedded solutions for low-power Bluetooth and a wide range of audio capabilities to build your advanced, ultra-low power wireless earbuds and hearing aid devices. This video will show you the advantages of the new Bluetooth Low Energy Audio that incorporates Multi-Stream Audio, and how you can apply it to your true wireless earbuds. Create smart devices that understand the world around us and seamlessly communicate.