Rich software portfolio delivering cutting-edge experiences and powered by AI and sensor fusion technology

Modern users demand the best from their electronics. Ceva’s Audio, Voice and Sensing solutions give your customers cutting-edge experiences, from immersive and realistic spatial audio with precise head tracking, crystal clear voice calls in challenging situations, to simple and reliable voice commands. In addition, Ceva’s sensor fusion software solutions translate human, robotic, and device motion to power intuitive user interfaces, accurate navigation systems, and context aware devices.

Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ceva provides these experiences as low-power, low-compute, and small footprint embedded solutions available on the industry’s leading chip architectures and platforms. Whether you’re designing TWS earbuds, audio headphones, soundbars, conferencing systems, remote controls, home robots, or other consumer devices, Ceva gives your customers the next-level experiences they crave.  Ceva is the ideal software solution partner for OEM’s that want their products to stand out with exciting new features and industry leading performance.


Experience Bundles



Target Applications

Hearables & Wearables

Immerse users in realistic soundscapes through spatial audio. Give them the clearest calls no matter the situation, whether the noise is on their end, the other end, or both. And let them control their music in natural ways. CEVA’s products deliver accurate, low-power, and flexible solutions across the spectrum of Hearable product needs

Smart Home

Intuitively and accurately control your devices from afar or let them precisely navigate your home on their own. CEVA products deliver proven, natural, and accurate interactions for TV, robots, smart speakers, and more

PC Ecosystem

Crisply communicate with your peers whether over the phone or from a stage, or in a hybrid classroom. CEVA’s products provide voice clarity for conference calls or voice user interfaces for any device. CEVA’s cursor control allows you to step away from the PC to engage your audience directly and give both local and remote audience member the same experience


Create and enjoy immersive experiences with spatial audio and utilize motion sensing controllers for intuitive interaction with augmented and virtual reality environments. CEVA’s products deliver immersive spatial audio, precise and low latency head tracking and high accuracy 3DOF motion control for handheld controllers

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