High Performance Scalable Radar and LiDAR DSP IP

Ceva-SensPro Radar is a complete DSP based Radar/LiDAR processing solution family, targeting ADAS and high-end 4D imaging Radar/LiDAR applications. The Ceva-SensPro Radar DSP allows rapid development of SoCs for Advanced Radar and LiDAR use cases.

The Radar and LiDAR DSP IP is uniquely designed to handle multiple workloads of front-end processing, post-processing, and AI processing in a single unified DSP. It may also be combined with cameras and other sensors using sensor-fusion to enable 4D imaging Radar.

The Ceva-SensPro Radar is all-inclusive, scalable, and configurable per application requirements. Support for various automotive architectures like Zonal, Centralized and more.

  • Low-end corner Radars
  • High-end 4D imaging Radars/LiDAR

Configurable computation platform tunable across:

  • Radar/ LiDAR front-end processing requirements
    • Radar/ LiDAR resolution, Beamforming etc.
  • Radar/LiDAR point-cloud processing
  • Radar/LiDAR advanced target tracking

The DSP Family includes a choice of three SensPro Radar cores:

  • Ceva-SP100R DSP, with 128 8×8 MACs, 32 16×16 MACs, and up to 8 single precision floating point MACs and includes 2X FFT extensions.
  • Ceva-SP250R DSP, with 256 8×8 MACs, 64 16×16 MACs, and up to 16 single precision floating point MACs and includes 4X FFT and 4X beamforming HW extensions.
  • Ceva-SP500R DSP, with 512 8×8 MACs, 128 16×16 MACs, and up to 32 single precision floating point MACs and includes 8X FFT and 8X beamforming HW extensions.

Ceva-SensPro Radar DSP IP maximizes performance-per-watt for multi-sensor processing use cases by utilizing a combination of high performance single and half precision floating point math, point cloud creation and Deep Neural Network processing.

The Ceva-SensPro Radar DSP IP is paired with advanced Radar/LiDAR SDK and development tools that include LLVM C/C++ compiler, Eclipse based integrated development environment, and a graph compiler for neural networks.
These broad set of software and development tools help to minimize cost and improve time to market for ADAS and L4/L5 automotive applications.


SensPro Radar and LiDAR DSP is a high performance and power-efficient architecture, allowing it to address the processing requirements of front-end, post-processing, and AI inferencing.

Self-contained, specialized Radar/LiDAR DSP solution that unifies multi-sensor processing with AI inferencing
Three highly configurable DSPs for different computation needs of various Radar/LiDAR applications, and AI capabilities of ranging from 0.3 TOPS up to 1.2 TOPS
Multi-Tasking support to switch between signal processing and AI processing tasks

Main Features

  • Self-contained, high-performance Radar/LiDAR and AI solution
  • State-of-the-art micro architecture that combines Scalar and Vector Processing Units
  • Dedicated extensions for FFT/DFT and beamforming
  • ASIL-B Automotive safety compliant with ASIL-D support
  • Supports Radar/LiDAR fusion with Cameras and other modalities
  • Ceva-BX scalar processor for control code execution
  • Up to 512 integer (8x8) MACs
  • Up to 32 Single Precision and 64 Half Precision floating-point MACs
  • Comprehensive Radar/LiDAR SDK and software libraries

Block Diagram