A modern, high performance Sound DSP, optimized for far-field noise reduction

Ceva-BX2 is a high performance sound DSP, designed for intensive Audio applications such as:

  • Voice assistants with multi-microphone beamforming and noise reduction
  • Speech recognition engines (ASR) for voice trigger and commands
  • Object based audio rendering and 3D Audio processing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the edge
  • Sound sensing and analytics using neural networks

The Ceva-BX2 sound DSP is targeted for high performance audio devices such as DTV, Smart Speaker, Soundbar, and car infotainment systems.
Ceva-BX2 uses quad 32X32-bit MACs and octal 16X16-bit MACs, with enhanced capability for supporting 16×8-bit and 8×8-bit MAC operations.

The Ceva-BX2 is using an 11-stage pipeline and 5-way VLIW micro-architecture, it offers parallel processing with dual scalar compute engines, load/store and program control that reaches a speed of 2 GHz at a TSMC 7nm process node.

The Ceva-BX2 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) incorporates support for Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) as well as optional floating point units for high accuracy algorithms.
The Ceva-BX2 is accompanied by a comprehensive software development tool chain, including:

  • Advanced LLVM compiler
  • Eclipse based debugger
  • DSP and neural network compute libraries
  • Neural network frameworks support
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)



Ceva-BX2 combines low power Sound DSP kernels execution with real time control capabilities and compact code size

Up to 16 GMAC/sec tailored for sound neural networks
High-throughput DSP addresses advanced applications
Ceva-Connect offloads the processor from data transfers to hardware accelerators and peripherals

Main Features

  • Octal 16x16 MACs
  • Quad 32x32 MACs
  • 5-way VLIW
  • 8/16/32/64-bit data types
  • 16x8 and 8x8 Neural Network support
  • Half, single and double precision IEEE floating point units
  • Innovative Branch Target Buffer minimizing branch overhead
  • Hardware loop buffer for reduced power consumption of code loops
  • High performance controller
    • 5.46 CoreMark/MHz
    • Dynamic branch prediction
    • Full RTOS support
    • Compact code size
  • Advance system control
    • Automatic Queue and Buffer management mechanisms to integrate co-processors and create a cluster of Ceva-BX cores
    • Dedicated HW accelerator ports

Block Diagram

3D Audio technology and emerging applications for immersive listening experience

Join Ceva and VisiSonics experts to learn about:

  • Multichannel Audio and Ambisonics
  • 3D Audio Applications and markets
  • HRTF and Head-tracking for 3D Audio