Designing flexible advanced wireless communications for the smart, connected world

From smartphones to base stations and Open RAN – connected cities, workplaces, homes, and vehicles demand intelligent, scalable solutions for wide area networks of wireless communications.

For the designer, this means building ever-more complex wireless communication SoCs that combine performance and flexibility with scalability and optimized efficiency. Such challenges require the right balance between hardware and software.

This process can be greatly simplified by choosing modem IP Platforms based on a wide variety of scalar and vectors processors, AI acceleration engines, co-processors and hardware accelerator IPs that are optimized for advanced wireless communications applications and that:

  • Support different modes of operation and different communication standards
  • Integrate powerful vector capabilities alongside general computation engines
  • Combine the hardware platform with a wide range of readily available PHY and MAC software IP
  • Are backed by advanced support tools with reference platforms, comprehensive simulation environments, and software development kits

Target Applications

User Equipment Baseband Modems

Smartphones, tablets, CPEs, FWA terminals and industrial edge nodes require support for multiple LTE cellular standards and modes, such as 5G-NR (NSA and SA) in both eMBB and URLLC use cases, LTE-A Pro (Gigabit LTE), LTE, and Cellular IoT 5G RedCap or LTE Cat-1

Remote Radio Heads and Massive MIMO

Flexible and scalable solutions supporting wide range of Open RAN architecture splits, large scale massive MIMO beamforming

Wireless Base Stations

Key design challenges include advanced gNB modes, multi-standard operation and support for scalability from Pico and Metro cells to Cloud RAN and Macro DUs

Automotive V2X

Scalable and multi-mode solutions, supporting both DSRC and C-V2X, LTE cellular side-link communication for both LTE and 5G-NR

Radar Sensors

Advanced Radar front end processing platform, for both Automotive and consumer applications, cutting edge Radar AI and post processing

Autotalks and Ceva have enjoyed a long and successful relationship, with their unique expertise in cellular and communication DSPs perfectly complementing our wireless know-how. The Ceva-XC DSP allowed us to quickly and seamlessly implement C-V2X support on our chipset in addition to DSRC, resulting in the world's first and only truly secure global V2X solution
Amos Freund, VP R&D at Autotalks

Ceva 5G Life

Imagine how will our lives look in a 5G world!
  • We will have fast cellular connectivity, everywhere!
  • At home, 5G removes the limits on the number of devices
  • Allowing for countless wireless connections
  • Changing what we can do as we commute to and from work, or travel around the world
  • Creating new possibilities at the office, the factory, the hospital— wherever we work

Connecting it all together. Bringing the 5G dream to life: with Ceva’s PentaG2 for UE applications and PentaG-RAN for infrastructure applications. Create smart devices that understand the world around us, and seamlessly communicate.