We operate environmentally responsible practices within our own business, recognizing our responsibility to our customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and society at large. We are committed to protecting the environment and to operate our business sustainably. We strive to comply with strict regulatory and industry standards at all of our locations of business and expect all of our employees, vendors and visitors to act in an environmentally responsible manner and prevent pollution. We recognize that this is a constant commitment and we endeavor to improve our operations through constant assessment with the goal of environmental sustainability in mind.

By the very nature of our business as an IP developer and licensor of low-power signal processing technologies, our operations have a lower impact on the environment than traditional semiconductor businesses. We do not manufacture any products or purchase harmful chemicals that might have a negative impact on the environment, such as ozone-depleting chemicals (ODCs). Instead, we provide our customers with the blueprints required to develop chips that are smaller, cheaper, require less power (in some cases battery-free and even energy-harvesting) and have a positive impact on the wider environment. In fact, our technologies are energy-saving by design, always seeking to be lower power than the existing or alternative solutions in the market.

Nevertheless, we recognize that our operations do have an impact on the environment through our energy consumption and general day-to-day office operations which generate waste and require water. We will continue to measure and reduce our energy usage per capita at each of our sites and implement wasteful practices wherever possible.

The tenets of our environmental initiative are:

  • People: Promoting and sustaining an employee culture that embraces environmental stewardship, including educating our employees on sustainability at home, work and in the community at large
  • Environmental controls: Reducing energy usage and minimizing our impact on the environment
  • Resource conservation measures: Eliminating wasteful practices wherever possible
  • Recycling: Promoting and managing recycling programs to reduce waste



Our environmental policy applies to our employees, contractors and suppliers with whom we conduct business. We evaluate the environmental and safety histories and practices of those with whom we partner and encourage, where appropriate, improvements in their practices.


Environmental controls

At Ceva, we believe the most effective way to control carbon dioxide emissions is by not producing them. By the nature of our business as a technology licensing company with no manufacturing facilities or business, our carbon footprint is limited to that created by our small team of 400 employees. We manage our greenhouse gas emissions in support of a low carbon future. We consider sustainability objectives when making business decisions – in our operations and in our dealings with customers and suppliers. To reduce carbon emission even further, Ceva has implemented a number of systems and processes to enable our employees work from home. These include the company-wide adoption of Zoom Video Conferencing and a dedicated VPN for our R&D engineers to streamline collaboration efforts. We also encourage our sales and marketing teams to utilize Zoom video conferencing to connect with customers where possible and reduce customer-related travel. Nevertheless, with hundreds of customers located around the world, it’s no surprise that air travel is the most significant part of our company’s carbon footprint.

We are committed to operate our facilities in the most efficient, environmentally responsible way possible. In our major offices in Israel, France, Ireland and the USA, our office spaces are fitted out with LED lighting and where possible, light sensors, thereby cutting the power consumption in each location.

In our Israel office, we retrofitted 4,800 square meters of office space with LED lighting, resulting in annual energy savings of 271,000 kilowatt hours.

We use environmentally friendly products whenever possible, and properly dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with regulatory requirements.

All of Ceva’s office space worldwide is leased. We request all our landlords to strive to work with energy service providers to find ways to reduce overall energy usage in our buildings and increase the use of energy generated from renewable sources. Our office spaces exist within larger buildings and complexes that are graded for their energy ratings by various agencies around the world. Some of the building rated include:

  • The building in Rockville, MD where our Hillcrest Labs Sensor Fusion business operates from has been Energy Star Certified since 2013.
  • Our Korean office is 2nd grade certified by Korean Energy Agency.
  • Our office building in Bristol, England is classed as EPC Rating C (69) rating.