Linley Microprocessor Report: Ceva-NeuPro-M Enhances BF16, FP8 Support

Ceva has updated its licensable NeuPro-M design to better handle Transformers—the neural networks underpinning ChatGPT and Dall-E AI software and now finding application at the edge in computer vision. Architectural changes to Ceva-NeuPro-M improve its power efficiency and can increase its performance sevenfold on models that can take advantage of the new features. Critical among … Continued

Ceva-NeuPro-M Product Note – Japanese

Ceva NeuPro-M™ NPU エッジからクラウドまでの多様なAIの 処理負荷に対して、4~1,200 TOPSの 拡張性のあるパフォーマンスと 350 TOPS/ワットの電力効率を 提供します。

Robot Odometry Testing and Analysis – White Paper

Any automated machine needs to have a strong understanding of where it is in order to complete its task. A robot arm needs to be able to weld one section of a car to another, a 3D printer needs to print fine details with precision layer by layer, and consumer robots need to navigate an … Continued