Ceva Bluebud explainer video

Building on its vast experience with Bluetooth and Audio DSP, Ceva developed Bluebud, a turnkey hardware and software integrated IP platform for TWS earbuds, smartwatches, wearables and other IoT devices that require audio, voice, and sensor processing.

Ceva 5G Life

Imagine how will our lives look in a 5G world! • We will have fast cellular connectivity, everywhere! • At home, 5G removes the limits on the number of devices • Allowing for countless wireless connections • Changing what we can do as we commute to and from work, or travel around the world • … Continued

Ceva True Wireless Earbuds – Whiteboard

Ceva provides embedded solutions for low-power Bluetooth and a wide range of audio capabilities to build your advanced, ultra-low power wireless earbuds and hearing aid devices. This video will show you the advantages of the new BT LE Audio that incorporates Multi-Stream Audio, and how you can apply it to your true wireless earbuds. Create … Continued