Ceva-Waves™ Links – Product Note – English

Ceva-Waves™ Links – Family of innovative multi-protocol wireless platform IPs integrating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4 (for Thread/ Matter and Zigbee) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB), to accelerate the development of connected Smart Edge SoCs.

Ceva-RealSpace Elevate Product Note – English

Ceva-RealSpace® Elevate – Complete Spatial Audio Software Solution for Android, PC, and Gaming systems Ceva-RealSpace Elevate is a full spatial audio solution with immersive spatial audio rendering on a mobile phone, PC, or gaming system with or without precise head tracking on an accompanying headset. This means a great experience isn’t limited by bandwidth or … Continued

Ceva-RealSpace Personal Product Note – English

Ceva-RealSpace® Personal – Complete Spatial Audio Software Solution for Personal Audio Ceva-RealSpace Personal is a fully embedded solution with precise head tracking and immersive spatial audio rendering on a TWS earbud, headphone, or XR headset. This means a great experience isn’t tied to a particular device ecosystem, content provider, or codec.        

Ceva-RealSpace Ambient Product Note – English

Ceva-RealSpace® Ambient – Complete Spatial Audio Software Solution for Speakers Ceva-RealSpace Ambient is a fully embedded solution bringing immersive spatial audio to Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers, soundbars, and cars. A wider, more expansive sound field means a great listening experience is no longer just for headphones.      

Ceva-NeuPro-M Product Note – Japanese

Ceva NeuPro-M™ NPU エッジからクラウドまでの多様なAIの 処理負荷に対して、4~1,200 TOPSの 拡張性のあるパフォーマンスと 350 TOPS/ワットの電力効率を 提供します。

Webinar Presentation: Driving Forward with UWB Radar: Enhancing Child Safety in Automotive

Fueled by the recent adoption by leading smartphone brands, the UWB wireless technology is enjoying an explosive growth in market interest and applications. In automotive, UWB is already the de-facto choice for Digital Keys in the premium segment. The deployment of UWB anchor points in modern cars creates a cost-effective platform for offering advanced in-cabin radar, … Continued

Ceva-XC22 Product Note – English

Ceva-XC22 is the first member of fifth generation Ceva-XC20 vector processor architecture from Ceva, designed to address 5G-Advanced compute challenges, scalable vector multi-thread framework, targeted for advanced 5G RAN and high end UE terminals, from Base stations and Massive MIMO Radios to next generation CPE and FWA terminals.    

Ceva Bluebud Product Brief – Chinese

Bluebud:基于 DSP 技术的蓝牙和音频 IP 平台,面向 TWS 耳塞和其他无线音频设备 BlueBUD™ 是一款功能丰富的“交钥匙式” 硬件和软件平台,旨在简化“真正无线立体 声”(TWS) 耳塞、无线扬声器和可穿戴设备的 SoC 开发。它既可独立工作,也可与 RivieraWaves 蓝牙基带控制器、Ceva-BX1 DSP 和综合软件套件完全集成。