Webinar: Wireless headset technologies and trends – the proliferation of in-ear Active Noise Control


The headset market has seen major advances in recent years. Headsets are becoming truly wireless, smarter, smaller, and provide a heightened user experience. Enriched headset features include integrated voice assistant, advanced audio analytics, and above all enhanced sound experience powered by Active Noise Control (ANC). Flip the switch and you are immersed in Silence. Turn on your favorite tune or podcast and transplant yourself from a loud subway to your favorite concert hall.
While the early research on ANC dates back to the beginning of the century, it is only recently that new advancements in silicon and audio processing have enabled ANC technology to be implemented by software in battery-powered wireless headsets.
Ceva and Silentium have partnered to drive these trends with DSP and software ANC technologies which can be easily and quickly configured and ported to SoC designs. In this webinar, we depict a holistic wireless sound solution based on Ceva’s audio DSP and Silentium’s software-based ANC application targeting cost and power sensitive wireless headsets and earbuds.

Join Ceva and Silentium experts to learn about:

  • Wireless headset market trends
  • Ultra-low-power sound DSP platform
  • Active Noise Control digital technology
  • System design considerations for ANC enabled headsets

Target Audience

Audio system engineers, SoC designers and marketing managers targeting advanced headset design, and headset OEMs looking to ANC-enable their products


Youval Nachum
Former Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ceva, Inc.
Igor Kofman
Director Product Management & Business Development, North America, Silentium Ltd.