Webinar: Voice Interfaces of the Future: Tech That’s Turning Sci-Fi into Reality

This webinar covers the current state and future possibilities of voice interfaces. It surveys the technologies that have enabled current proliferation of voice interfaces but also takes a critical look at the faults and drawbacks of current implementations. Finally, it explores the existing, emerging and future technologies that will eventually generate a revolution in the way we interact with machines.
Turning yesterday’s sci-fi into today’s reality, voice interfaces are gaining traction but still haven’t reached their peak. Enabling technologies are all around and can offer smarter and more efficient applications with more natural and intuitive interfaces. An always-on voice interface with human-like intelligence, capable of understanding intonations and inflections, responding to context and anticipating our needs and desires may be much closer than most people think.

Join Ceva experts to learn about:

  • Natural Human-machine interfaces (HMI) of the future
  • Far-field voice pickup and its enabling technologies
  • Under the hood of smart speakers
  • Human-like virtual assistants

Target Audience

Audio system engineers targeting natural human-machine interfaces, and marketing managers looking to voice-enable their smart home, mobile, and automotive products.


Eran Belaish
Product Marketing Manager, Audio/Voice, Ceva 
Robert Schrager
Director of sales and marketing, Alango Technologies