Webinar: Using IMUs and Sensor Fusion to Effectively Navigate Consumer Robotics

Robotics is a field that is growing rapidly. In particular, consumer ground-roving robots are becoming mainstream now that they commonly incorporate more intelligent navigation to operate more autonomously. Inertial measurement units (IMUs) are sensors that are essential for achieving precise navigation. IMUs can be used as a primary sensor for navigation or as a complementary sensor that helps VSLAM systems achieve robust performance. But making use of IMUs requires deep understanding of their idiosyncrasies and modeling to assess their impact. In this webinar, engineers will learn about the challenges when working with IMUs, how IMUs are applied in different robotics applications, and what is necessary to test IMU-based robots to achieve great performance.

Join Ceva’s experts to learn about:

  • Consumer Robot Vacuum Industry Overview
  • Common home robot navigation paradigms
  • Sensor idiosyncrasies and the importance of qualifying sensors
  • How to maintain accuracy over time, temperature, and environment
  • How to create robust algorithms and verify performance
Target Audience
Design, system, and product engineers looking to enhance their understanding of IMUs, sensor fusion, and how they relate to SLAM. Robot OEMs interested in navigation for their ground-roving robots.
  Charles Pao
  Former Sr. Marketing Specialist, Sensor fusion BU, Ceva
  Steve Scheirey
  Sr. Director, Software, Sensor Fusion BU, Ceva