Webinar: 5G NR base-stations redefine the SDR paradigm: How Ceva-XC12 solves the daunting computing and latency challenges of 5G NR

3GPP is currently actively working on 5G New Radio (NR). IMT2020 is defining advanced technology for dramatically increasing network capacity and coverage, in order to answer the ever-increasing demand for higher data rate and traffic with much reduced end to end network latency. Such technology includes wider RF channels in licensed and unlicensed bands up to mmWaves, aggregation of large number of components carriers of various widths and very short TTI.

The need for flexible 5G base station implementations requires novel SDR SoC architectures and SW/HW partitioning strategies optimized to solve the daunting challenges of Beamforming with Massive MIMO systems while maintaining very low latency and blazing fast data rate within a low power budget.

Join Ceva experts to learn about:


  • Cellular 5G market overview
  • Introduction to 5G
  • 5G challenges
  • Impact on SDR architecture and SW/HW partitioning
  • Ceva’s solution for 5G baseband

Target Audience

Communication and system engineers targeting 5G segment


Emmanuel Gresset
Business Development Director, Wireless and Wireline Communications, Ceva
Tomer Yablonka
Senior Communication System Architect