Webinar: Hassle-free Bluetooth 5 SoC design

According to ABI Research, the number of connected devices will reach 48 billion by 2021, a third of which will be Bluetooth wireless technology enabled. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has recently released the highly-anticipated Bluetooth 5, which extends the performance and the scope of Bluetooth low energy. New features include a doubling of speed (from 1Mbps to 2Mbps), as well as a 4X range increase, thus enabling smart home applications. What does it take to design BLE products that are low power and low cost, but also reliable?

This webinar presents how to easily and quickly design a low power Bluetooth 5 SoC for IoT, wearable or smart home applications, thanks to the Ceva RivieraWaves Bluetooth low energy system IP combined with the CSEM RF solution.

Join Ceva and CSEM experts to learn about:

  • Overview and market trends in connectivity for IoT, wearable and smart home.
  • How does Bluetooth low energy fit into the landscape, and what will Bluetooth 5 bring.
  • Bluetooth 5: typical system architecture and key components.
  • The low cost and power optimized Ceva Bluetooth IPs.
  • Designing a low power radio front-end using the CSEM IcyTRX RF IP.

Target Audience

Design, system and product engineers targeting SoC for IoT, wearable and smart home applications requiring Bluetooth 5 connectivity



Franz Dugand

Sales and Marketing Manager, Connectivity, Ceva
Nicolas Raemy
Head of RF & analog design, CSEM