Silterra Adds ARM Core to Its IP Portfolio

KULIM, Malaysia - 11 December 2002 - Silterra Malaysia Sdn.
Bhd., a premier wafer foundry, announced today that it has joined the ARM®
Foundry Program, giving it access to the ARM7TDMI® core. In addition,
Silterra has added a PLL compiler from ParthusCeva and high-speed I/Os
from Unive, Inc. Each of these partners provides a unique IP offering,
with a wide variety of tools and support to aid Silterra in better serving
its customer base.

ARM’s industry-leading core is being implemented in both baseline and
low-power versions of Silterra’s 0.18-micron process, CL180G and CL180LP,
respectively. The ARM7TDMI core is a 32-bit RISC processor optimized for
area, low-power consumption and high-performance. It is a popular platform
for many consumer and telecommunication applications. Fully silicon
verified design kits for both processes will be available in Q1 2003.

ParthusCeva has optimized its programmable PLL compiler in Silterra’s
CL180G and CL180LP processes. The compiler creates PLL instances in the
frequency range between 32MHz to 650MHz with very low jitter. Available
immediately, Silterra customers will have free, direct access to the PLL
compiler through The Web site
allows customers to design their PLL according to specific application
requirements. A complete design kit for the compiled instances, including
EDA tool views, timing models and GDS2 layout, will be electronically
delivered to Silterra’s customers.

Silterra has also commissioned Unive, Inc., an analog and high-speed
I/O specialist, to develop LVDS, USB 1.1, SSTL2 and PECL high-speed
interfaces for the CL180 process. These cores are prevalent in many
consumer, telecommunication and computational products such as digital
cameras, MP3 players, cellular telephones, global positioning systems,

“Offering these proprietary cores is key to our overall strategic IP
initiative to better serve our expanding customer base,