ParthusCeva Announces ChannelStream Serial ATA (SATA) Platform

Intel Developer Forum - 16 September 2003 - ParthusCeva, Inc.
(NASDAQ: PCVA; LSE: PCV), the industry's leading licensor of Digital
Signal Processor (DSP) cores and communications solutions, today announced
availability of its scalable, low-power ChannelStream Serial ATA (SATA)
platform which combines a SATA 1.5Gbps PHY and Protocol stack for the
burgeoning storage interface market.

Serial ATA is an evolutionary storage interface standard designed to
replace the existing Parallel ATA physical storage interface. SATA allows
for significantly improved performance and reliability for data transfer
in a low-cost, low-power solution. ChannelStream SATA targets ASICs, FPGAs
and standard semiconductor products for SATA Host & Device Controller,
SAN/NAS & RAID, CD/DVD Drive and SATA Router Switch Mux (RSM)

Developed by ParthusCeva's Wireline Communications Division,
ChannelStream SATA delivers compliant SATA Gen-1 performance at 80mW per
channel power. The TSMC 0.13mm PHY (physical layer which includes an
integrated digital Out of Band (OOB) processor, K28.5 COMMA detector and
fully integrated clock synthesis) can be intelligently scaled to support
power-efficient multi-port/lane applications. ChannelStream SATA's
synthesizable protocol stack is a synchronous RTL design for the Link,
Transport and Command layers. The stack includes a transport layer
interface especially designed for high-performance integrated
applications, whilst the digital OOB approach delivers exceptional PHY
power performance in a very small footprint.

ChannelStream SATA has already been licensed to a leading semiconductor
company. In addition, interoperability has been achieved with leaders such
as Seagate Barracuda, Western Digital Raptor and Maxtor Diamond-Plus

ChannelStream SATA is a member of ParthusCeva's ChannelStream family,
providing solutions for implementing high-speed communications on
ASSPs/ASICs/SoCs, covering standards ranging in speeds from 250Mbps to
3.125Gbps. Other ChannelStream standards covered include LVDS and
Fibre-Channel / Gigabit Ethernet.

"ChannelStream gives our customers a high-performance solution with the
lowest-risk when integrating SATA technology into new or upgraded
products," said Paddy McWilliams, ChannelStream SATA Product Manager at
ParthusCeva. "Our customers value not only the quality and technical
compliance of our products but also the commercial security in dealing
with a leading IP provider."

"Serial ATA technology is poised to become a dominant storage
technology in systems ranging from the desktop to the enterprise," says
Jeremey Donovan, chief analyst at Gartner Dataquest. "The Serial ATA
semiconductor market will approach $1 billion in 2006."

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