Parthus Technologies Partners with Insignia to Deliver Best-in-class Java-based Software and Hardware Platform for Wireless Devices

Austin, Texas - October 22, 2001 - Parthus Technologies plc
(Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading provider of platform level-IP, today
announced a partnership agreement with Insignia Solutions (NASDAQ: INSG),
the leading provider of accelerated Java™ software solutions for
information appliances. Under the agreement, Parthus will integrate its
MachStream hardware acceleration platform with Insignia's Jeode™ software
based Java virtual machine technologies. Both companies will co-market the
joint solution to their respective customer bases.

The integration of the two company's platforms will dramatically boost
the real time processing capabilities of Java applications on mobile
devices, enabling developers to create a new level of sophisticated
applications such as sales force automation, interactive gaming,
enterprise-class transaction processing and compute intensive applications
on memory and power-constrained devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.
Insignia is the leading JVM supplier to the wireless and PDA markets,
providing the Java runtime environment for Compaq's iPAQ Pocket PC,
Intel's XScale microarchitecture reference implementation, and other
leading products.

Parthus' MachStream platform is a modular, hardware-based intellectual
property engine that dramatically boosts the performance and significantly
decreases the battery power requirements for multiple aspects of the
wireless applications environment. Insignia's software-based Jeode
platform enables accelerated and robust Java™ functionality on information
appliances and incorporates the Jeode EVM™ runtime engine, a "Sun
Authorized Virtual Machine (JVM)" that is fully compatible with the
PersonalJava™ and EmbeddedJava™ specifications.

"The Jeode platform is today the most widely distributed, fastest Java
virtual machine environment available today. With the integration of
MachStream it will now become faster, smaller and more efficient by
integrating with Parthus' MachStream accelerator." said John Derrick, vice
president of MachStream platform, Parthus Technologies. "OEM customers
have expressed the need for a complete solution to target high volume
market segments with Java functionality in low power, resource-constrained
devices. The Jeode platform with enhanced support of the MachStream
accelerator will open up whole new markets for existing and new Jeode
platform customers."

Under the terms of the agreement:

Insignia will provide customers with a 'MachStream-Ready' Jeode
virtual machine plug and play solution that calls on MachStream's software
interface to seamlessly engage the hardware acceleration

The integrated technology will be certified under the Sun
Java[TM] Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

The two companies will engage in additional Java platform
acceleration development efforts for even higher levels of performance,
efficient memory size and power savings

The 'MachStream-Ready' Insignia solution is targeted to be
available for handset integration in Q1, 2002

"A combined hardware and software Java virtual machine solution is
often the best approach to meet the memory, performance and power
requirements of Java-enabled smart phone and mobile devices", said Mark
McMillan, president and chief operating officer of Insignia Solutions.
"The use of highly optimized software with hardware acceleration will
leverage the best of both worlds to support the incredible development of
games and applications using the Java platform. The integration between
Parthus and Insignia technologies will result in tremendous
differentiation for our OEM customers and assurance that they can deliver
a range of devices to a large volume of target customers."

Parthus MachStream Platform

Parthus' MachStream platform is a modular, silicon-based intellectual
property engine that dramatically boosts the performance and significantly
decreases the battery power requirements for multiple aspects of the
wireless applications environment (J2ME™ MIDP platform).

Key attributes include:

Parthus is developing a series of modular application
accelerators for speeding mobile Internet applications. Parthus is
currently licensing a Multimedia and Java acceleration modules

MachStream delivers application performance boost by up to 35x
(on average 15x) while consuming less than 0.1mW/MHz at 1.5 volts

Studies show that battery powers used for running typical
wireless applications are improved by almost ten-fold in a Smartphone
systems deployment

Rapid implementation with porting and testing on leading
microprocessors and operating systems

Insignia Jeode Platform

The Jeode platform enables accelerated and robust Java™ functionality
on information appliances. It incorporates the Jeode EVM™ runtime engine,
a "Sun Authorized Virtual Machine" that is fully compatible with the
PersonalJava™ and EmbeddedJava™ specifications.

Key attributes include:

Industry leading accelerated performance and efficient memory
utilization through patent-pending dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC™) and
precise, concurrent garbage collection technologies

Configurability and tunability to meet the diverse needs of
information appliance developers

A turn-key software solution already ported and tested on
popular OS/ microprocessor combinations:

Operating systems include BSDI Unix, ITRON, Linux, Nucleus,
pSOS, VxWorks, Windows CE and Windows NT4

Microprocessors include ARM, Hitachi SH-3 and SH-4, Intel x86,
MIPS, PowerPC and StrongARM


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About Insignia

Insignia Solutions is the leading provider of accelerated Java software
solutions that dynamically optimize the use of available system resources.
Insignia's patent-pending Jeode virtual machine technologies are licensed
by such leading companies as BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq: BSQR), Compaq
Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ), Echelon Corporation (Nasdaq: ELON),
Fujitsu PC, Gemstar/TV Guide (Nasdaq: GMST), Humax, Intel Corporation
(Nasdaq: INTC), Motorola (Nasdaq: MOT), NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR),
Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT), Olivetti, Philips Semiconductor (NYSE: PHG),
Phoenix Technologies (Nasdaq: PTEC), Quantum Corporation (NYSE: DSS, HDD),
Siemens AG, Toshiba Information Systems, Victor Data Systems (a subsidiary
of JVC), ViewSonic and Wind River Systems (Nasdaq: WIND). Insignia
Solutions is publicly-held with headquarters in Fremont, California, and
its main R&D facilities in High Wycombe, England. Sales and marketing
departments are located in Fremont and High Wycombe. For additional
information on Insignia and its products, call 800/848-7677 in the United
States, +44 (0)1628 539 500 in Europe, +81 3 5404 3440 in Japan or visit
the company's website at


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