Parthus Joins SyncML Initiative to Create a Common Protocol for Sharing Information Seamlessly Between Wireless Devices

Dublin, Ireland - April 19, 2001 - Parthus Technologies plc
(Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), the world's leading provider of platform-level
intellectual property for the mobile Internet, today announced that it has
joined the SyncML initiative. SyncML is a common protocol designed to
allow all mobile devices and applications to synchronize data across any

Parthus' work with the SyncML initiative is part of its effort to
create fully interoperable system-on-chip solutions that significantly
reduce the cost and time-to-market of deploying next generation mobile
Internet applications, such as Bluetooth, Smartphones/PDAs and GPRS/2.5G.

The aim of the SyncML group, that includes Ericsson, IBM, Lotus,
Motorola, Matsushita, Nokia, Palm Inc., Psion and Starfish Software
devices, is to enable the smooth and efficient synchronization of personal
and business information over fixed or mobile networks using existing
technologies including XML. SyncML ensures that information in compatible
applications, such as e-mails, calendars, to-do lists, contact information
and other critical data, is accessible and up-to-date regardless of the
platform, manufacturer or application.

Parthus' work with the SyncML group will encompass three Parthus

BlueStream™   A complete Bluetooth platform, including
RF, baseband and software protocol stack enabling wireless-LAN
connectivity between electronic devices licensed to industry leaders such
as 3Com, Agilent and Hitachi

InfoStream™   A complete mobile computing platform
powering Symbian, Pocket PC and Linux operating systems targeting next
generation Smartphones and PDAs licensed to leaders such as Sharp and

MobiStream™   A complete 2.5G GPRS platform including
digital baseband and protocol stacks enabling Class 12 (56kbs) through
Class 18 (115kbs) broadband wireless connectivity.

"We are pleased to have Parthus as part of our growing group of SyncML
members," said Douglas Heintzman, Chairman of the SyncML Initiative. "The
promise of a ubiquitous synchronization specification is compelling. We
are fully committed to ensuring information can be shared in a manner that
will benefit users and manufacturers of a wide variety of mobile devices.
We welcome the contributions of companies like Parthus in the pursuit of
this potential."

"Providing consumers with a protocol that allows them to synchronize
business and personal information between any device is key to the success
of next generation mobile Internet," said Sean Mitchell, vice president
and general manager, InfoMedia business unit. "We believe mobile computing
and connectivity will only be truly pervasive when information can be
easily shared across any device, be that a PDA, Smartphone or PC. SyncML
is key to solving this problem."

SyncML is designed specifically with the wireless world's tight
requirements in the mind. By minimizing use of bandwidth, SyncML is well
suited to dealing with the special challenges of wireless synchronization
like relatively low reliability of the connection and high network
latency. SyncML also enables synchronization over fixed networks,
infrared, cable, or Bluetooth. The group hopes to cover most mobile data
requirements including:

vCard, vCalendar, etc
email and
network news

binary data

The protocol is also designed to operate over a wide variety of
transport protocols, including:

HTTP (internet)
WSP (session
protocol part of WAP)
(Bluetooth, IrDA, etc)
proprietary communications protocols

About SyncML

SyncML is an open industry specification for universal data
synchronization of remote data and personal information across multiple
networks, platforms and devices. The SyncML initiative is sponsored by
Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Inc. Psion,
Starfish Software and supported by over 600 key wireless companies.
Companies interested in deploying SyncML-compliant products and services
in 2001 and beyond are encouraged to join the initiative. For more
information on the SyncML initiative

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