Parthus Develops Seamless Interface to Memory Stick ®, Greatly Enhancing the Capacity of Next Generation Mobile Internet Devices

Las Vegas - November 14, 2000 - Parthus Technologies PLC
(Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading developer of semiconductor
intellectual property for the mobile Internet market, today announced the
launch of a range of industry-leading platforms that are fully compliant
with the Memory Stick ® recording media. Memory Stick is an integrated
circuit recording media that was developed by Sony Corporation.

At COMDEX 2000 in Las Vegas, Parthus is demonstrating the MediaStream
Internet audio platform's compatibility with Memory Stick. Parthus'
MediaStream platform reproduces audio stored in compressed digital format
such as MP3 or ATRAC3, while Memory Stick allows users to store up to 60
minutes of near-CD quality MP3 audio (64Mbytes) on each stick. By
combining Memory Stick and MediaStream, users of Internet audio devices
can enjoy hundreds of hours of high-quality recordings with ultra-low
power consumption.

In addition to the MediaStream interface, Parthus is developing
interfaces with Memory Stick across its range of mobile Internet
platforms, particularly its PDA and 2.5/3G mobile communications platform.
A direct interface between mobile Internet platforms and digital data
storage media, such as Memory Stick, represents the best way to ensure the
mass deployment of wireless devices, such as digital cameras, audio
players, mobile phones, PDAs and laptop computers.

Memory Stick is an ultra-small, high-capacity durable storage media
designed to link a host of different digital products by capturing and
sharing digital content, either text, images or music files. Sony's
leadership in consumer electronics has ensured that Memory Stick will be
used in a variety of widely-used electronic devices, including Sony's
Cybershot digital cameras, Handycam ® camcorders, VAIO ® personal
computers, Walkman personal stereos, a Memory Stick printer,
CyberFrames digital photo frames and AIBO entertainment

"The future of mobile Internet technology is inextricably linked to an
interface system that facilitates easy storing and sharing of digital
contents, " said Masaharu Yanaga, Senior General Manger of Memory Stick
Division at Sony. "The work that Parthus has done to ensure a direct
interface between its leading-edge mobile Internet platforms and Memory
Stick enhances the flexibility and data storage capacity of next
generation consumer electronics devices."

"Sony is a leading player in consumer electronics and we regard their
Memory Stick technology as a significant development," said Sean Mitchell,
General Manager, InfoMedia Division at Parthus Technologies. "We are
developing interfaces with Memory Stick across our range of mobile
Internet platforms to ensure that our platforms provide the best possible
combination of storage capacity, power consumption and performance for our


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