Parthus Designs £3 Million Audio Chip for New Mercedes

February 09, 1998 - Parthus (formerly SSL), the largest Irish
semiconductor design company, has announced the commencement of production
of a state-of-the-art Integrated Circuit (IC) for use with advanced
digital audio equipment for BOSE Corporation. The IC, developed
exclusively at the company's premises in Harcourt Street, Dublin, is
especially suited to car audio applications and will control the audio
amplifier system for all new Mercedes E Class 1998 W220 vehicles.

Parthus won the contract despite intense competition from a number of
large multinational companies. Commenting on the announcement, Mr Brian
Long, Managing Director, said: "Our strengths and strong development over
the past four years can be attributed to quality design, leading edge
technology and the calibre of our design team. The company will continue
to grow strongly in 1998 with the recruitment of 60 additional design
engineers while millions of chips designed by Parthus will be

Technically, the DSP IC contains two DSP processor cores each of which
are capable of processing 40 million pieces of information per second
along with a microcontroller and peripherals. The performance capabilities
of the chip include Surround Sound, Stereo Imaging and Reverberation. The
chip contains over 1.2 million transistors in an 8mm x 8mm area of
silicon. In addition to car audio systems, the chip can also be used in
audio hi-fi and advanced home entertainment systems.

The newly designed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) IC responds to
changes in the car's environment. For instance, one feature allows the
chip to automatically adjust volume to compensate for open windows, extra
passengers and speed changes. It is a highly flexible and programmable
audio processing system, which may be tailored for different applications
by software changes alone, greatly increasing production efficiency on car
assembly lines.

The Parthus design team consisted of 10 engineers and the Intellectual
Property developed during the course of this project is now being re-used
by Parthus in multiple new design contracts. Work has already commenced on
the next generation of products.

About BOSE

BOSE Corporation is a manufacturer of high-fidelity audio equipment.
Based in Massachusetts, USA, the company has annual revenues of more than
US$700 million and employs 3,500 people worldwide.

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