Parthus Announces Availability of New Editions of the Infostream Platform for Microsoft Based Smartphones and Pocket PC PDA's

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, January 9th -
Parthus Technologies plc (Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading developer of
platform-level intellectual property (IP), today announces two enhanced
versions of the Parthus InfoStream™ mobile computing platform optimized
for Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 and Microsoft® Smartphone mobile
technologies. Parthus also announces that it has signed a system
integrator license with Microsoft which enables Parthus to integrate
either Pocket PC or Smartphone software technologies with the InfoStream
hardware platform, and market the combined solution to semiconductor and
OEM customers of Parthus.

InfoStream™ is a mobile computing platform which integrates an ARM9
core, a high performance bus sub-system architecture and an extensive
array of popular peripherals. A complete Smartphone/PDA platform is one of
the most complex and challenging designs to implement, especially given
the power and performance requirements that today's generation of smart
mobile devices demand. This latest release of InfoStream is the result of
over three years R&D at Parthus and is the most highly integrated,
lowest power system-on-chip IP Platforms available in silicon today.

By licensing the complete, pre-integrated and optmized Parthus and
Microsoft platform, customers can greatly reduce the complexity, program
risk and costs of deploying smart mobile Internet devices, as well as
gaining an established and stable system architecture for future

The Windows® CE 3.0 operating system, including all required device
drivers, has been ported to InfoStream. Development tools and evaluation
boards for prototyping and application development are also provided.
Parthus is delivering two InfoStream editions:
1) Pocket PC 2002: The
Pocket PC 2002 edition of InfoStream runs all features including Windows
Media Player for audio and video, Microsoft Reader, LAN communication
interfaces, MSN® Messenger Services, Active Sync®, Pocket Outlook®, Pocket
Word & Excel, Security services and Pocket Internet Explorer.
Microsoft® Smartphone Software Solution (formerly code named 'Stinger'):
This edition of InfoStream operates all cell phone functions and
incorporates easy to navigate data functions such as mail, PIM, web
browser (WAP, HTML).

Parthus will also support Microsoft's latest Windows® embedded release,
Windows® CE .NET, which incorporates numerous upgrades including improved
system reliability, support for Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless
technologies, enhanced multimedia and browsing, and support for smart web
services through Microsoft's .NET initiative.

"Microsoft has again stretched the boundaries of what is truly possible
on mobile devices", said Brian Long, chief executive officer of Parthus.
"Unquestionably, developing high performance and smart mobile devices is
one of the most technically challenging areas of the mobile Internet
revolution. As such, the availability of pre-integrated and proven
editions of Microsoft's Pocket PC, Smartphone and Windows CE .NET running
on Parthus' InfoStream platform is of immense value to our customers."

About InfoStream

InfoStream combines a high performance ARM 92xT processor (delivering
processing speed greater than 200MIPS), with ultra-low power consumption
(configurable PLL for selectable processor speeds, 10 channel DMA
controller for high bandwidth communications and multimedia functions
(USB, AAC, SD), software configurable power states), with highest levels
of on-chip integration (all requisite peripherals are on-chip including
integrated color LCD controller and sophisticated memory management
features). For more information about InfoStream, go to


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