Parthus and Ubinetics Form Broad Reaching Strategic Alliance Around Multi-Mode 2.5g/3g Wireless Technology

Dublin, Ireland and Cambridge, England, February 12, 2002 -
Parthus Technologies plc (Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading developer
of semiconductor platform-level intellectual property (IP) for the mobile
Internet, and UbiNetics, an established expert and market leader in 3G
wireless device technology, today announced a wide ranging strategic
alliance and development program that will combine Parthus' 2G/2.5G
technology with UbiNetics 3G technology to develop a fully integrated
multi-mode 2.5G/3G (W-CDMA/GPRS/GSM) wireless solution. To underpin the
strategic alliance, Parthus will make a small equity investment in

A core requirement of 3G phones is backward compatibility to enable
roaming over existing 2G, 2.5G and new generation 3G networks. Under the
alliance, UbiNetics will obtain broad license rights to Parthus' GPRS/GSM
technology and integrate it into its 3G WCDMA silicon and software
technologies to create a fully integrated multi-mode W-CDMA/GPRS/GSM
solution delivering a first-to-market highly efficient multi-mode
solution. Licensees to the solution will be further supported with
wireless device reference designs, field-testing and support through to
manufacture. To reduce UbiNetics' development time-to-market for this
multi-mode 2.5G/3G solution, Parthus will transfer its GPRS/GSM
development team based in Melbourne Florida to UbiNetics.

Parthus and UbiNetics will also collaborate on longer-term development
roadmaps principally targeting the convergence of the UbiNetics 2.5G/3G
multi-mode solution, with a range of application technologies from Parthus
(e.g. smartphones, multimedia, location etc.). This co-development will
enable the rapid development of a highly integrated wireless, multimedia
and application processing solution.

Parthus and UbiNetics have also entered into a strategic sales and
marketing agreement. This will enable Parthus to market the UbiNetics
multi-mode W-CDMA/GPRS/GSM solution as part of its portfolio of mobile
Internet technologies and license the solution through its global sales
channel and semiconductor relationships. The sales and marketing agreement
greatly expands UbiNetics global channel reach.

"Given the enormous technical challenge and cost of 3G development,
finding a 3G partner has been a strategic goal for Parthus. UbiNetics,
with both their position in the wireless industry and their proven 3G
technology, were clearly a natural choice for Parthus in this area," said
Brian Long, CEO of Parthus. "This partnership will enable us to offer an
unrivalled portfolio of wireless, multimedia and application technologies
for the new generation mobile Internet."

"Not only is this a great strategic fit between UbiNetics and Parthus
but it also allows us to integrate Parthus' mobile applications with our
wireless capability. This will have tremendous benefits for the wireless
device industry by creating a shorter time to market for small cost
effective and power efficient consumer friendly wireless devices.
UbiNetics will also benefit greatly from working with Parthus' global
sales reach and relationships," said Bjorn Krylander, CEO UbiNetics.

UbiNetics is an established expert and market leader in 3G protocol
software and already has software licensed with companies in Korea, Japan,
Taiwan and the US. With its strong position in test mobiles and cell
simulators, UbiNetics' 3G technologies are well proven and in use
throughout the wireless industry for the testing of both handsets and

About UbiNetics

UbiNetics is a next generation wireless communications technology
company developing innovative 3G, 2.5G and 2G products and solutions for
wireless data and voice applications with an enviable position as the
world leader in 3G test and measurement equipment.

The company's 3G Test Mobile has become the industry de-facto standard
for WCDMA infrastructure testing. This and the Node B Emulator serving the
handset test market, position UbiNetics at the centre of 3G
interoperability testing.

UbiNetics also provides the industry's most robust protocol software
and physical layer IP portfolio for 3G chipset and handset developers and

The company has developed a unique range of creative products for UMTS
and GPRS/GMS applications including customised embedded modules and
development tools.

The company was formed in January 1999 from PA Consulting Group's
Wireless Telecommunications Practice.

Since 1999, UbiNetics has grown to over 300 employees with six
international offices in the UK (Cambridge, Global Headquarters, and
Swindon), Hong Kong, Japan, India and the US.


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