Parthus and Intertrust Partner to Integrate Digital Rights Management into Parthus' MediaStream Platform™

DUBLIN, Ireland and SANTA CLARA, Calif. - August 9, 2000 -
Parthus Technologies plc (Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading developer of
semiconductor intellectual property for the Mobile-Internet market and
InterTrust Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: ITRU), the leading developer
of peer-to-peer, distributed digital rights management (DRM) technology,
today announced an agreement to integrate InterTrust MetaTrust Utility™
DRM into Parthus' MediaStream Platform™. MediaStream is a fully
programmable Internet-Audio Platform that powers a wide array of
applications from MP3 portable players and cellphones, to speech
recognition for mobile devices.

The MediaStream Platform is a complete system solution encompassing
Parthus' DSP, essential analog components and a complete suite of audio
software. MediaStream can power portable audio players or can be
integrated into cellphones allowing music download over wireless networks.
This partnership enables Parthus' customers to offer rights managed
portable music players. Such players will enable its customers to play
SDMI-compliant, securely distributed and protected digital audio content
from the Internet.

"We are very pleased to partner with Parthus, who not only provide
complete platforms for today's portable player market, but also have
solutions to power next generation mobile-Internet devices," said Talal
Shamoon, SVP Media at InterTrust Technologies. "This partnership further
strengthens InterTrust's leading position in offering portable music
players a flexible and secure rights management platform."

"This agreement with InterTrust is an important step in our strategy of
offering complete, market ready, platforms to our customers," said Sean
Mitchell, Director of Multi-Media Division of Parthus. "Our MediaStream
Platform™ is designed to allow digital music download from the Internet,
through wired or wireless connections. In the context of recent MP3 and
Napster legal battles, we believe that providing security and protection
of digital content is key to the growth of this market, and the
partnership with InterTrust provides a compelling and secure solution for
our customers."

About InterTrust Technologies Corporation

InterTrust Technologies Corporation is the primary developer of
peer-to-peer, distributed digital rights management (DRM) technology. Its
general-purpose DRM trust platform serves as a foundation for trusted
peer-to-peer and client server e-commerce. InterTrust holds numerous
patents in the area of trusted systems technology and peer-to-peer rights
management, and licenses its technology and patents in the form of
software and tools to partners. These partners provide digital commerce
services and applications that together form the MetaTrust Utility, an
interoperable global commerce system. InterTrust serves as the commercial
administrator of the MetaTrust Utility, ensuring the neutrality, security,
commercial reliability, and trusted interoperability of devices, services,
and applications.

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