Parthus and 1st Silicon License Agreement Provides New Foundry Source for System-On-Chip IP

San Jose, CALIFORNIA and Kuching, Sarawak MALAYSIA; September 16,
-- Parthus Technologies Plc and 1st Silicon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
have announced a licensing agreement that lets system-on-chip (SoC)
designers access essential Parthus phase lock loop (PLL) intellectual
property (IP) from 1st Silicon as part of the Company's foundry service.

"Foundries play a key role in delivering silicon-proven IP cores that
form the central building blocks essential to system-on-chip designs,"
said Dr. W. John Nelson, Chief Operating Officer of 1st Silicon. "We've
chosen Parthus for their flexibility and timely creation of PLLs
on-demand, and because they offer industry-leading jitter performance that
is well recognized among the design community."

"We are delighted to have 1st Silicon as a licensee for our innovative
PLLXpert technology," said John Ryan, VP and General Manager of Wireline
and Mixed-Signal at Parthus Technologies. "By choosing PLLXpert Online,
1st Silicon are providing their customers with a technology design
platform that reduces the cost and speeds the time-to-market for their
silicon products." As the first phase of the agreement, 1st Silicon will
verify the Parthus PLL IP in silicon using a test chip containing multiple
PLL instantiations designed to exercise the extremes of the design range.
Further verification will be completed through simulations using an
automated test bench designed to test all valid PLL configurations in 1st
Silicon's 0.25- and 0.18-micron CMOS process technologies.

Clock synthesis cores (PLLs) remain one of the most challenging
technology blocks to develop, and they continue to impose considerable
risk on the successful deployment of IC products. Parthus' PLLXpert™, an
online PLL generation engine, enables the design of risk-free,
silicon-proven PLLs in minutes - shortening the typical development time
by months. Through PLLXpert's user interface, 1st Silicon customers can
design and deploy silicon proven, high-performance PLL cores in minutes
online through No prior
training, in-depth PLL design knowledge or additional EDA tools are

A 1st Silicon customer receives personalized datasheets, Verilog
models, and other front-end deliverables at no charge. IP cores in GDSII
format can be delivered in minutes DRC and LVS to 1st Silicon registered
users. The software can be accessed through the Parthus website in October
of this year.


About 1st Silicon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

1st Silicon is a dedicated semiconductor foundry founded in 1998 by the
Malaysian State of Sarawak. 1st Silicon's 200mm wafer fab has a capacity
in excess of 30,000 wafers per month when fully ramped. The Company is in
volume production with 0.25mm digital and mixed-signal CMOS technologies
and is now providing 0.18mm process prototypes. 1st Silicon's customers
include integrated device manufacturers and fabless semiconductor
companies from the U.S., Japan, and Asia. The Company has its headquarters
in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, and a U.S. registered subsidiary
corporation located in San Jose, California. More information is available
on the Company's website at

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