Location Field Trials Demonstrate The Breakthrough Indoor Performance Of Parthus’ Navstream 3000 Location Platform

Dublin, Ireland and Northampton, England - 19 March 2002 -
Parthus Technologies plc (Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH), a leading developer of
semiconductor platform-level intellectual property (IP), today disclosed
results of field trials that were undertaken in conjunction with a number
of semiconductor, operator and handset companies. The trials demonstrate
the breakthrough capability of Parthus' NavStream A-GPS (Assisted-Global
Positioning System) technology to operate indoors and in environments that
are traditionally very challenging for GPS.

‘Driven by the e911 location directive and the advent of the broadband
mobile Internet, Location Based Services are poised to be a market worth
$3.8billion in 2005 worldwide (Cahners-In-Stat Group)