Cuan completes PDA project with Parthus Technologies

Galway, Ireland, May 01, 2002 - Cuan today announced the
completion of a collaborative project with Parthus Technologies, leading
provider of Intellectual Property (IP) platform level solutions.

The project involved Cuan's Mobile Development Group integrating
Parthus' MediaStream™ platform with the Springboard™ expansion module
specification for the PDA product line by Handspring™ Inc. The ultra-small
printed circuit board (PCB) incorporates Parthus' MediaStream™ platform,
on-board FLASH memory, and USB-based desktop connectivity to realise a
personal audio device capable of decoding all industry-standard file
formats (including MP3, AAC and AC3) in one of the most popular Palm OS
PDA devices, the Handspring™ Visor™. Cuan developed the Palm OS
application and integrated it with Parthus' MediaStream™ communications
protocols and on-board dedicated hardware.

This is a key skillset for us, as we target market spaces for embedded
software products and services", said Culann mac Cába, R&D Director at
Cuan. "Cuan's experience in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems
integration and IP deployment into new, mobile market spaces will clearly
benefit from leveraging existing expertise in DSP product Research and
Development. Given the ongoing Handspring™ focus on the PDA/Mobile Phone
model epitomized by the new Treo™ product, Cuan is in an excellent
position to develop applications which integrate key technologies: PDA
Applications Development, Mobile-optimized Internet Content Development
and Mobile Connectivity to the Internet, including advanced SMS

"This exciting project has been of enormous value to us", said Seán
Mitchell, General Manger of Application & Multimedia Processing
Division of Parthus Technologies. "Not only has this project with Cuan
allowed us to demonstrate the excellent performance-to-size parameters of
our MediaStream™ platform, it also emphasises the inherent core
convergence of our mobile computing and multimedia technologies."

About Cuan

Cuan is a Multimedia Content and Tools Enterprise comprising 2 Digital
Studio Facilities and a dedicated Software Development Group. Based in a
purpose-built facility in Galway, Ireland, Cuan combines the experience of
world-renowned media professionals with a full-time software team. Cuan
has an extensive background in Digital Signal Processing and Applications
Development and applies this to product development for partner companies,
with particular emphasis on media-rich applications for the desktop and
the connected mobile phone.

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