Combination of Parthus and Ceva: Clarificaton & Correction

San Jose, Calif. and Dublin, Ireland - 11 November 2002 -
ParthusCeva, Inc. ("ParthusCeva") (NASDAQ: PCVA, LSE: PCV) announces the
following clarification & correction to the joint press release of
ParthusCeva, Parthus Technologies plc ("Parthus") and DSP Group, Inc.
("DSPG") (NASDAQ: DSPG) which was released on 1 November 2002.

The amount of the capital repayment payable to holders of record of
Parthus ordinary shares as of 5 p.m. New York time on October 31, 2002
(the "record time") is $0.100894 (or approximately GB£0.064) per Parthus
ordinary share held at the record time. The press release of 1 November
incorrectly stated the sterling equivalent per share as GB£0.64.

Holders of record of Parthus American Depositary Shares ("ADSs") (each
representing 10 ordinary shares of Parthus) as of the record time will
receive a capital repayment of $1.008940 per Parthus ADS held at the
record time, less applicable ADS cancellation fees of $0.05 per ADS. The
press release of 1 November incorrectly stated the ADS capital repayment
as $1.08940 per ADS.


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