Art's Leading Recognition Technologies Ported To Parthus' Mobile Computing Platform

Atlanta, USA, and Dublin, Ireland - March 12, 2002 - ART
Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc., recognized global pioneers of
natural Human User Interface technologies for the mobile world, and
Parthus (Nasdaq: PRTH, LSE: PRH) a world-leading provider of platform
level IP solutions for the mobile Internet market, today announced the
porting of ART's speech and handwriting recognition engines to Parthus'
InfoStream platform.

As the leading independent producer of speech and natural handwriting
solutions for mobile devices, ART welcomes Parthus' choice of ART's
smARTspeak NG, simpliWrite and smARTwriter recognition technologies for
the InfoStream platform. smARTspeak NG offers voice-enabled features such
as name dialing, continuous digit dialing, menu navigation and device
control. simpliWrite and smARTwriter, ART's best of breed handwriting
recognition technologies, uniquely recognize each users own handwriting
and require no unique symbols or training by the user.

"With a twelve-year track record of market-proven recognition
solutions, ART's technologies are fully optimized to the same leading
operating systems as InfoStream, and perfectly honed both to our needs and
to the demands of our customers," said Sean Mitchell, General Manager of
Application & Multimedia Processing Division of Parthus Technologies.
"ART's high-performance, low resource software maintains our guarantee to
provide OEM's complete, market-ready solutions that incorporate best of
breed technologies, and give their users the increasingly feature-rich
experience they expect."

"ART is delighted to have been chosen as the recognition technology for
the InfoStream platform for current and next generation mobile Internet
devices," said Nir Ben-Dor, ART's Director of Sales and Business
Development, Europe. "We are confident that Parthus clients will find our
embedded software fully integrated into a platform that was designed to
dramatically reduce development costs, accelerate time to market and speed
ROI - the key elements to success in today's highly competitive market

Parthus' InfoStream Platform

Parthus' InfoStream is a highly advanced hardware and software mobile
computing platform targeted at a wide variety of new generation smart
connected devices. InfoStream leads the industry in the combination of raw
processing power, power consumption requirements and levels of on-chip
integration. The platform enables device manufacturers to drastically
reduce time to market, enhance ROI and reduce risk for highly-featured
Mobile-Internet device developments.

InfoStream is optimized for running a number of Operating Systems
including Symbian OS, Microsoft WinCE Stinger and PocketPC, as well as
Palm OS and Embedded Linux. The modular architecture enables support of
key platforms within Parthus' portfolio, such as 2.5G/3G broadband
wireless communications, Bluetooth™ for wireless local area networking,
GPS for location-based services.

ART's smARTspeak NG Speech Recognition Solution

First to successfully combine all Voice Dialing and Control functions
for speaker independent and speaker dependent systems, smARTspeak NG's
comprehensive speech recognition algorithm is an all-in-one solution for
operation in the tight processing power environment of today's mass-market
mobile devices. The unique bundle allows OEMs to simply customize
whichever functions they require onto a single mass produced model instead
of having to choose which technologies to deploy on new devices.

Combining twelve years of ART's award-winning technologies, smARTspeak
NG offers voice-enabled features such as name dialing, continuous digit
dialing, menu navigation and device control. It also includes ART's latest
innovation: a Speaker Independent Digit Dialing function with adaptation
possibility for heavily accented International English - or any other
language spoken with dialect. This simple 30-second adaptation allows
further personalization according to the needs of each user.

ART's simpliWrite and smARTwriter Handwriting Recognition

'Noise robust' to intuitively accept inaccurate or 'trembling' script,
with continuous on-the-fly recognition, ART's best of breed handwriting
recognition technologies have been globally proven by both manufacturers
and end-users alike. With no new characters or symbols to learn, ART's
revolutionary solutions demand no training, but recognize user's own
natural handwriting. They currently support all major Western European
languages, and also allow concurrent multilingual use. These technologies
are also self-trainable and adjustable for special handwriting needs.

About ART Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc. Established in 1990,
ART is the acknowledged pioneer and market leader in Natural User systems
of embedded Speech and Handwriting Recognition for mobile devices. Having
generated a decade of software innovation, today ART develops and markets
technologically superior solutions for the control and command of mobile
devices by the human voice and natural handwriting. Through its range of
proprietary technologies based on unique, signal-processing algorithms,
ART provides next-generation human user interface solutions for cellular
handsets, smartphones, mobile communicators, PDAs and handhelds, and
automotive systems.

ART's embedded software-only solutions are deployed in dozens of
product lines from industry leaders such as Acer, Agere Systems, A.T.
Cross, Casio, Franklin, GVC, Hitachi, Hutel, Konka, LGE, Maxon, Microsoft,
Mitsubishi, Motorola, NeoPoint, Panasonic, Philips, Quanta, Samsung,
Siemens Automotive, and TTPCom.

Based in the United States, with sales offices on the East and West
Coasts, ART maintains a wholly owned Israeli subsidiary -- ART Ltd. --
where research and development are conducted. ART is active in the US,
European, and Asian markets.

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smARTspeak NG™ and simpliWrite™ are trademarks, and smARTwriter® a
registered trademark of ART Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc. Names
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