Listed by CB Insights as one of the 100 Most Promising AI Startups of 2023, empowers cameras to capture video in extreme low-light and HDR. Their software-based image processing leverages edge AI to improve image quality in real-time to offer market-leading video quality. We are optic experts, computer vision engineers, and professional photographers, who … Continued specializes in neural network optimization, revolutionizing autonomous driving and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Their expertise in AI and LLM applications positions them at the forefront of automotive technology development. For more information. was conceived by a seasoned team of computer vision solution developers. Collectively, we’ve spent several human lifetimes working with neural networks … Continued


PathPartner Technology is a leader in providing technology solutions and product engineering services for developing innovative intelligent devices. PathPartner offers a portfolio of enabling products and comprehensive services spanning embedded systems, hardware design, and system integration. We work with device manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers across diverse industry domains such as automotive, consumer electronics, … Continued


We enable intelligent vision for any product and application through the combination of patented panomorph optics and viewing. By combining wide-angle panomorph optics and viewing functionalities, Immervision Enables is the true immersive experience. The logo is the mark of compatibility between any certified lens, product and software. Immervision Enables is the wide-angle standard for video … Continued

MulticoreWare Inc.

MulticoreWare is multinational firm with offices in Silicon Valley, St. Louis & Champaign in USA, Changchun in China and Chennai in India. They have two business units, the Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS (AVA) Business Unit and the Media and Artificial Intelligence Analytics (MAIA) Business Unit. The AVA Business Unit focuses on Automobile-related Software Development and … Continued

Computer Vision Systems (CVS)

CVS is a leading Russian developer focused on computer stereo vision. The company brings in world-class experts to work on innovative machine vision solutions built on the stereo principle. When you drill down to the heart of our hardware and software designed to process images and video, what you find is years of study put … Continued


Mobile imaging solutions Visidon is a leading software vendor for mobile imaging. It specializes in innovative technology and solution development helping device manufacturers and service providers to create unique imaging experience. Visidon’s well known technologies for facial image analysis, object tracking and recognition are designed for embedded and mobile platforms being optimized for low computing … Continued


Pisoftware Technology Co., Ltd. (a.k.a. PiSofttech), headquartered in Shenzhen. China, is a tech-based startup focusing on intelligent vision methodologies and solutions. The company possesses state of the art technologies in computer vision and machine intelligence. Since its founding, PiSofttech with an outstanding reputation and performance has been providing quality and reliable solutions in panoramic VR, … Continued


3D Face and emotions technology nViso is a leading provider of emo­tion recognition software that interprets human facial micro-expressions and eye movements captured through video. Its solutions use proprietary 3D facial imaging technology with artificial intelligence to track hundreds of different facial points to recognize human emotions. The company uniquely combines the latest advancements in … Continued


MM Solutions AD is one of the largest mobile and industrial imaging companies. During the past 15 years, MMS established itself as well known and reliable partner for OEMs wanting to differentiate their imaging products by outstanding image quality, innovation, performance and robustness. More than hundred mobile products are using MMS camera solutions and imaging … Continued