Wireless Audio and Bluetooth LE Audio - Assistance, Hearables, and Headphones 3.0

This is the CEVA Bluetooth LE Audio demonstration - the most complete we have seen at CES 2023. An Auracast transmitter was broadcasting high-quality stereo audio (16-bit/48kHz) encoded in LC3 to multiple Auracast receivers, playing left or right for TWS earbuds and stereo for headphones. It showed CEVA's Bluebud complete DSP-enabled Bluetooth hardware audio platform with the RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 controller, CEVA-BX1 audio DSP, and audio and Bluetooth peripherals. The CEVA Bluebud software framework is a dual-mode stack supporting all profiles for Classic Audio and LE Audio, and supporting all codecs, including LC/HE-AAC, LC3, and LC3plus. The reference applications library supported TWS, Auracast, and many more use cases.