Convenience with a Flick of the Wrist

Touch screens. Cameras paired with computer vision. Voice control. Despite these newer interfaces becoming mainstream, physical remotes have persevered. Our hands are expressive; it’s natural for us to communicate by pointing and gesturing. Why not leverage that instinct to create a natural user interface for your product?

Imagine flicking your wrist to scroll through pictures, interacting with – not just pointing to – your big presentation by moving your hand through the air, or flying over grid menus with precision on your TV instead of repeatedly pressing a button to browse movies. But how do you translate that 3D motion into a 2D cursor to make the remote feel like an extension of the body?


Motion Software to Mimic Life

These types of natural user interface capabilities can be realized with a combination of cursor and gesture software from Hillcrest Labs. With our MotionEngine™ software, users can control a cursor on a display by simply moving the controller in the air – think of it as a mouse that operates in 3D space. Our software’s pre-defined gestures can enhance a previously static button-based remote with controls that feel as natural as talking.

Whether you already have a handheld controller or are contemplating adding one to your product, our comprehensive feature set can help you deliver an intuitive and user-friendly experience to your customers.


Expertise from Innovation

We have spent over 15 years studying motion and hold patents for the innovations we’ve made along the way. We were the first to realize that the way a motion controller is held shouldn’t affect its digital translation, a concept we coined as “orientation compensation” – which means that when you move your hand, the motion should move relative to the starting position, not some arbitrary fixed location. Orientation compensation is an important reason why handheld controllers that use Hillcrest Labs’ products feel so natural.

Other features add to our consistency and ease of use. For example, sensor biases change over time and temperature, affecting output. Our products automatically adjust for this bias while in-use, without the need for calibration. We can also provide pixel-level accuracy of motion while ignoring a user’s tremor or button clicks. And we do it all while maintaining low latency to ensure your customers enjoy the most true-to-life experience possible.


There’s an Application For That

The applications for handheld motion control are everywhere, from your pocket to your living room…and even in the sky. Some devices are already in production, but that doesn’t limit the possibilities of where your imagination can take you:

  • AR/VR controller – Cursor Control for selecting objects and 3D Orientation for mirroring your movements in the virtual world
  • In-flight (or vehicle) entertainment – Cursor Control with Orientation Compensation for media selection and playback control no matter your hand position
  • Key fob – Gestures for rolling down windows, opening the trunk, or other actions
  • Phone or tablet – Cursor Control and Gestures to use as a remote control or presenter
  • Presenter for PC or mobile device – Cursor Control to drive your presentation and highlight important content with Orientation Compensation
  • Digital Pen or Stylus – Gestures for switching between tools or activating a different mode and Cursor Control to interact with your device when connected to a monitor or projector
  • TV Controllers – Cursor Control with Orientation Compensation for fast content browsing and Gestures for opening SmartTV apps, switching inputs, changing channels, and more.
  • Video game controller – Precisely track users’ motions to drive, fly, jump, punch, etc in the virtual world


Moving Forward

The motions and gestures we make with our hands may seem simple to utilize but achieving natural results in consumer electronics is complex. By integrating a Hillcrest Labs product into your design, you leverage the value of our expertise in every product you make. Your customers will appreciate the seamless translation of their motions into their digital experience. Whether you want to display a cursor on-screen, use unique gestures to unlock a feature, or mirror real-life motion in the virtual world, our products are a fit for you and your customers, naturally.

Designing for Handheld Motion Control

In the not-so-distant future, handheld motion control will play a crucial role in how people interact with their smart devices. These technologies are already instrumental in gaming, smart TVs, and VR applications, and are being experimented with in other use cases ranging from consumer electronics to elder care and more. Creating a more natural user interface using handheld motion control can drive product adoption, user satisfaction and customer loyalty. It can unlock a whole new set of features that will impact how consumers use the technology they love.