Immervision patented image processing algorithms facilitate dramatic improvements in image quality and remove inherent distortions associated with the use of wide-angle cameras, particularly at the edges of the frame.


A straight forward image processing pipeline including adaptive dewarping and image processing all-in-one solution improves human viewing, computer vision and AI accuracy in battery-powered, cost-sensitive, mass-market devices.

AI or user triggered adaptive projection
Straightforward multiplatform integration
Custom software tuning to specific OEM camera optics

Main Features

  • Real-Time Adaptive Dewarping
    • Selective projection (building, selfie, landscape etc.) depending on context (enabled by user or AI)
    • Renders straight lines, as well as accurate object proportion (including on the image edge) and field of view (FoV)
  • End-to-end solution combining optics and image processing expertise
    • Lens calibration, module calibration combine into improved imaging software
  • Hardware platform agnostic: Able to run on any OS and System-on-Chip (SoC) platform containing CPU, DSP or GPU, reusing same APIs
  • Power optimized version on CEVA Vision DSP


Immervision Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with IMU markers