A complete suite of embedded Bluetooth connectivity IPs and Platforms

The RivieraWaves® Bluetooth connectivity IP family is a comprehensive suite of IPs and platforms for embedding Bluetooth 5.4 – both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth dual mode versions – into SoC/ASSP. Together with the WiFi IP family, the Bluetooth IP family forms part of Ceva’s popular and production-proven RivieraWaves Wireless Connectivity portfolio.

Each solution consists of a hardware baseband controller, a PHY (modem + RF), and a feature-rich software protocol stack, fully integrated into a processor- and operating-system-agnostic platform to make deployment easier. A turnkey fully integrated processor agnostic platform is also available.  For both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth dual mode, the software protocol stack encompasses the controller stack below the industry-standard HCI interface (Link layer, Link Controller/Manager) and the host stack above HCI , as well as a comprehensive list of services and profiles:

Bluetooth Classic ProfilesBluetooth LE Profiles

· A2DP



· Full Generic Audio Framework (GAF) with Common Audio Profile (CAP), Hearing Aid Profile (HAP), Telephony & Media Audio Profile (TMAP), etc

          · AuracastTM receiver and transmitter

· Apple MFi LEA

Medical/ HealthCare Suite· Blood Pressure, Health Thermometer, Glucose / Continuous Glucose Monitor, Weight Scale, etc
Sport & Fitness Suite· Cycling & Running Speed, Cycling Power, Heart Rate
Mesh· With Lighting and Generic Models
Miscellaneous· SPP, OBEX, SDAP, PAN, GAP, PBAP, HID, Apple iAP2, Google Fast Pair, etc· Alert Notification, Phone Alert Status, HID, Environmental Sensing, Location and Navigation, etc


The software protocol stack is easily portable to many embedded processors, including ARM® Cortex-M™ series, ARC®EM family, RISC-V, AndesCore™ family and others.

A flexible radio interface enables the solutions to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF or various partners’ RF IPs, enabling optimal selection of both foundry and process node.

An optional 802.15.4 support add-on is also available for licensing. The RivieraWaves 15.4 offering includes a MAC hardware accelerator driven by its 802.15.4 software driver, complemented by an 802.15.4 O-QPSK modem. Each of the RivieraWaves 15.4 MAC and modem can be provided as stand-alone IPs or combined with the RivieraWaves Bluetooth baseband controller and modem respectively.  It supports the Google open-source implementation of Thread and any 3rd party Zigbee protocol stack. It complies with Matter requirements, the foundation for connected things combining 15.4/Thread, BLE and Wi-Fi for unified smart home devices.

An optimized Wi-Fi & Bluetooth coexistence interface with Packet Traffic Arbiter is also available for smooth simultaneous operation.

The Bluetooth IPs are provided with a comprehensive GUI validation tool for manual testing and automatic execution of test scripts in laboratory tests. A reference FPGA platform is also available as an option.

The RivieraWaves Bluetooth connectivity IPs and platforms are complemented in many applications by Ceva’s extensive portfolio of audio, voice and speech solutions and sensor fusion solutions.


The comprehensive RivieraWaves Wireless Connectivity IPs and platforms simplify development and deployment of wireless connectivity by:

Bluetooth Qualified design for low risk and fast integration into SoC.
Offering an upgrade path as the standard evolves (currently supporting up to Bluetooth 5.4)
Supporting a wide variety of Ceva and third-party embedded processors and radios

Main Features

  • Full Bluetooth compatibility – supporting all features up to Bluetooth 5.4 for both dual mode and low energy, including Long Range, Mesh and AoA/AoD Direction Finding, Classic Audio and LE Audio (with Auracast support)
  • Comprehensive Support for LE Audio including multi source and audio sharing
  • Hardware baseband controller with minimal interrupts for lowest power (and MIPS) solution
  • Feature-rich software protocol stack, supporting all Bluetooth modes and packet types
  • 802.15.4 support available as a stand-alone RivieraWaves 15.4 IP or as add-on to the RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth coexistence interface
  • Hardware modem
  • RF/analogue transceiver

Bluetooth Solutions

Bluetooth Block Diagram

Ceva True Wireless Earbuds

Ceva provides embedded solutions for low-power Bluetooth and a wide range of audio capabilities to build your advanced, ultra-low power wireless earbuds and hearing aid devices. This video will show you the advantages of the new Bluetooth Low Energy Audio that incorporates Multi-Stream Audio, and how you can apply it to your true wireless earbuds. Create smart devices that understand the world around us and seamlessly communicate.