Software IP Image Sensor Fusing Raw Sensory Data, Synchronized in the Pixels, Ready to be Processed

Immervision proprietary Data-in-Picture software IP image sensor integrates contextual and visual data from disparate sources into image pixels, synchronized with each image and video frame.

To enable devices with superhuman sight and unlock the full potential of AI, device designers need to augment sight with multi-sensory data. Through a radical shift in multi-sensor data integration, Data-in-Picture technology solves the pain points of legacy video metadata, offering significant benefits.

With Data-in-Picture, meta-information is embedded directly into the pixels of video and images.



For perfect image-data synchronization, this meta-information is dynamically collected, synchronized and stored via dedicated QR codes in each frame. The result is a single image or video file with robust and persistent data ready for smarter applications.

Multi-sensor fusion and synchronization
Easy integration into devices
Reduces processing computation and lowers data encoded and/or sent to cloud

Main Features

  • Contextual: supports contextual and visual data such as position, location, tracking, demographics, forensics and similar sensor data
  • Hardware platform agnostic: Able to run on any System-on-Chip (SoC) platform
  • Data integrity and synchronization: Data is dynamically encoded directly into the image, persistent and synchronized each frame
  • Customizable: Easily adapted to include new sensor data types and use cases

Data-in-picture use case example

Immervision Data-In-Picture Technology in action