Fully embedded spatial audio rendering engine with precise head tracking to bring total immersion to any audio content

Ceva’s RealSpace® is a fully-embedded Spatial Audio solution combining precise 3D rendering and accurate, low-latency head tracking. RealSpace supports multiple system architectures, giving you the flexibility to render content directly on TWS earbuds, headphones, or XR headsets for the lowest latency. Or choose to render on mobile phones, gaming systems, or PCs and save BOM costs on the device. This means a great experience isn’t tied to a particular device ecosystem, content provider, or codec. RealSpace® -powered earbuds and headphones can render any content in exceptional 3D. Pre-integrated on some of the top audio SoCs in the industry, RealSpace helps you bring cutting-edge products to market faster and with less risk.

Across Consumer Electronics devices, users expect seamless, engaging, and immersive experiences. Spatial Audio, with 3D rendering and head tracking, is the key to providing experiences like:

  • Knowing exactly where an enemy’s footsteps are when gaming
  • Feeling part of the crowd watching live sports
  • Hearing each musician in the band as if you were at a live concert
  • Merging the real and virtual worlds in XR


Fully immersive experience with precise head tracking and realistic 3D spatial audio rendering in one solution
Lowest latency experience with the full solution running embedded on the TWS or headphone SoC
No ties to codec, content provider, or device ecosystem with rendering done right on the ear

Main Features

  • Supports mono, stereo and multi-channel audio input
  • Multiple head tracking auto-recentering modes to combat sensor drift
  • Tuned presets available for Movies, Games, Music, and Speech
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Profile support to reduce fatigue with spatialized video calls
  • Small memory and compute requirements yielding excellent longer battery life and more features
  • Pre-integrated with the full audio pathway on top Audio SoC’s from Bestechnic and Beken for fast time to market with lower risk
  • Available for multiple embedded system architectures including Ceva-BX DSPs and Arm Cortex-M CPUs as well as for Windows APO implementations

Block Diagram

Realspace diagram