Live Webinar: Enabling mass market ADAS applications using real-time vision systems

As the automotive market experiences accelerated growth and rapid adoption of vision applications such as Camera Monitoring Systems, Smart Rear Cameras, and Driver Monitoring Systems, there is a need for solutions that are both efficient and cost effective to address these applications in high volumes. In addition, these solutions must also allow for Tier-1s to both differentiate and meet the growing demands in performance from today’s OEMs.
NextChip’s APACHE4 is a vision-based pre-processor SoC targeting next-generation ADAS systems that uses a dedicated sub-system of image processing accelerators and optimized software. The APACHE4 incorporates dedicated detection engines that include pedestrian detection, vehicle detection, lane detection and moving object detection and have incorporated CEVA’s programmable vision platform into the APACHE4 alongside its differentiated image processing accelerators to enable advanced and affordable ADAS applications.

Join CEVA and Nextchip experts to learn about:

  • Challenges of ADAS and vision based autonomous driving
  • Overview of Nextchip APACHE4 ADAS SOC
  • Utilization of CEVA-XM4 for differentiation and performance
  • Applications use cases with APACHE4 and CEVA-XM4

Target Audience

Computer vision engineers, deep learning application designers, project managers, marketing experts and others interested in embedded vision, machine learning, and autonomous driving.


Jeff VanWashenova
Director, Automotive Segment Marketing, CEVA
Young-Jun Yoo
Director, Strategic Marketing, Nextchip