Linley Spring Processor Conference 2020

Linley Spring Processor Conference Goes Virtual

on April 7, at 11:10-11:30 AM PDT, Ben Weiss, Vision Expert at Customer Solutions Group, CEVA, will present:

A New Scalable Vector DSP Combining Complex Math and AI Workloads

Contextual awareness is enabling enriched user experience in applications such as robotics, wearables, and conversational assistants. It involves processing of multiple sensors such as cameras, radars, microphones, and motion sensors, and includes various computer vision, voice processing, and neural network workloads. This presentation will introduce a new scalable vector DSP architecture for contextual awareness processing, providing floating-point arithmetic, optimized linear-algebra operations, and an enhanced pipeline for higher quality and power efficiency.

5101 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA